What a day…

Oh today >__<

We had a Christmas present from family arriving today, a double mattress, because I am an adult now and these are the sort of things I ask for for Christmas haha!

Anyway, it was arriving between 7am and 10pm (!!) so we had to stay in all day.

By 8.30pm we were all bored and antsy. We asked if there was any further delivery info, and it turned out the delivery company Hermes had said they had tried to deliver the item but nobody had answered the door, and they’d left a slip with instructions on what to do next.


We’d been sat less than 4ft from the front door ALL DAY, and as if that wasn’t enough we have Kasper, who barks at the slightest knock at the door…so seriously Hermes?! Oh, and to top that off they hadn’t even left a delivery slip with instructions!!

So now it’s been delivered tomorrow, but we can’t wait around for it tomorrow (puppy class), so the driver is supposed to text / ring when they’re nearby, and if we can be at home we will be, but if not then they’re leaving it outside the front of our house so god only knows what we’ll be coming back to XD

So that was incredibly shitty.

Then earlier on in the day I was using my phone as a torch and dropped it. It landed face down which meant I got a face full of flash, and for the next 45 mins I was poorly with an aura, then I had close to a dozen seizures, then I felt ill afterwards. All because of one simply bloody mistake!!

Tonight we did some public access work with Sasha.

We went to our pharmacy which is also our GP surgery during opening hours – that part went well but afterwards I had a seizure head and combined with psychosis it resulted in my being absolutely awful and yelling at my partner all the way back.

At home I got extremely upset and cried, then I had some seizures, then I cried even more and said I can’t live like this and I want to die. I’m recovering now, foggy headed but the seizure rage and abject despair has gone.

Anyway, back to the good part!

My partner went to the counter to buy some OTC meds, and I worked with Sasha on heeling, turning with me whilst keeping a tight heel, stopping on cue, sitting, and doing a sit stay. We also did lots of engage disengage using my partner and the staff too.

She was bloody awesome 🙂

I thought we might have some access issues with the staff too, but oh my bob they were so respectful!

Other than the woman smiling and very quietly complimenting Sasha to my partner, they completely ignored me and Sasha, and it made me feel much more at ease. Yay world!


So…weird day.

I am really tired of the intensity of my feelings before / after a seizure. I’m also tired of the memory less. For some reason when I’m seizurey I either completely forget Tolly, or I just forget her name.

It’s incredibly sad, not to mention shocking when my partner turns around and there’s a puppy on his lap hahaha!

Hoping for a better day tomorrow, especially as it’s puppy class day!


6 thoughts on “What a day…

  1. Delivery folks can be a pain sometimes… Let’s hope your delivery gets delivered this time!
    I’m just curious… when you get an aura, is it colorful? I had gotten a few earlier this year, (migraine auras) without a headache (thank goodness).
    I hope you are feeling better after flashing your face 😣
    I have never met someone that is as upbeat as you are, with the health issues you have. You’re fascinating! 😚

    • We got our mattress today – I’ve never been so excited for bed time haha!!

      Oh that’s interesting, I hadn’t thought about migraine auras. My migraine auras I see zig-zaggy black lines and my vision shimmers, I don’t think I’ve ever seen colours but thankfully I don’t get them often! Seizure auras, I get less of the visual stuff (although sometimes my eyes won’t focus!!) but instead I just feel completely out of this wold and like nothing is real. I’m very confused, have no memory and can’t think straight.

      Haha well thank you, very much 🙂 I’m not upbeat in the crisis (seizure, psychosis, whatever!), but I do try and bounce back and see the positive as quickly as possible!

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