Sasha’s biggest working day


Sasha did crazy good today!

We set out and walked up and through town. It was incredibly busy, there were people EVERYWHERE – old people, groups of people, the road was incredibly busy, it was madness!!

Sasha was phenomenal. Not only did she have no nerves at being in such a busy place (which has never happened before) but she did her best yet at following my directional cues and moving out of people’s way. There was really just one person she moved over to and had a cheeky sniff of 😉

She stopped every time I asked and waited at roadsides for the traffic to end – really so proud of her!

We went into the pet shop for her first time. She was great at not wanting to go off and sniff things; despite there being toys, treats and bones at nose level! My partner collected some things as we walked about and did some training – her first time near fish tanks, no problem 😉



After leaving the pet shop we walked up to join the canal and Sasha could go off lead and have some fun…I say that, but of course Sasha was offering an off lead heel for most the walk XD


If I run forwards and backwards and we have a game of chase, she’s usually willing to have more fun and stop walking to heel after that XD

Sasha is going through a bit of a fear period atm. So far she has been afraid of:

  • ducks
  • a burger wrapper blowing along in the wind
  • a large black scarf on the ground
  • a feather XD

She is utterly adorable with this fear period.

I drop her lead when she sees something she’s scared of, and walk over to the ‘thing’. I then proceed to examine it and exclaim “wow, oh this is so fun! Sasha look how great this is!” After a few seconds deliberation, Sasha approaches, a mix of caution and excitement.

Once she’s investigated the thing she starts bounding about, incredibly happy and proud of herself 😀

Most time she picks the item up, runs around happily with it in her gob, then drops it and all is forgotten hahaha!

Today when she saw ducks she was curious, and gave them a play bow. So much nicer than her previous reaction ^__^


We left the canal and crossed the world’s busiest road to the supermarket, and as my partner went inside me and Sasha did some training outside.

As everywhere else today, it was heaving! And of course Sasha was wonderful, because she’s just the perfect puppy 😉

Here I’m marking and rewarding her for putting her attention back onto me (engage disengage) and we do a little heeling too.

After that it was a 15 minute walk home, and in less than a minute after getting back, Sasha was like this XD

Bless the little love, she did so well today ^__^ ❤

Also we are having a really cute time searching Sasha’s family tree on the Kennel Club’s health test scheme – it’s so cute seeing all Sasha’s ancestor’s names and their health test results.

We’ve chased it back to a great great great great grandad in 1994, and then a great great great great grandma and grandad BEFORE I WAS BORN (1989 and 1987!)! Also one of them had a hip score of 1/1 – the average total for this breed is 15 so that’s phenomenal XD


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