2nd Puppy Class

Guess who was absolutely out-of-this-world amazing at her second puppy class? 😀

Guys seriously, I can’t even describe how good she was!

Really cheered me up! I’ve had a terrible day for hallucinations today, and 90 minutes before we had to set off I had a seizure and fell asleep. When my partner woke me up after I had a nap, I felt so horribly ill, and almost cancelled…really glad we went!!

For starters on the way there for the first time she rode on the floor of a taxi and was just incredible. She sat by my side then eventually tucked under my legs and just lay with her chin on the floor – omb the cuteness!

At class we arrived 20 minutes late (both times we’ve managed to go the taxis we have booked hours in advance have been 20 minutes late getting to us :/ ) and were thrown in at the deep end by immediately getting up and having to work on heel with two other puppies.

The training hall is pretty small so normally two puppies heel at once, and even then it’s hard to avoid the row of puppies to the side all scrabbling to say hello. Well this class Sasha was in a group of three working on heeling at once, agh!


After heeling we worked on sit stay and down stay. I was a little worried Sasha wouldn’t lie down at class as it’s still a fairly recent trick and we’ve never practiced it anywhere but home, unlike sit. Also we’d NEVER worked on down stay just sit and stand stay.

Well, she absolutely aced that!

This week I had her lead on the floor instead of having to hold it as she was doing so well, and even when the Viszla puppy next to us would break her stay and come over or the owner would back right up to Sasha, Sasha would hold her stay and do engage-disengage 😀

At one point I did have to get Sasha to do a ‘touch’ as otherwise the Viszla’s owner would have backed into and stood on Sasha >__<



It was an incredibly noisy class this week – along with the Viszla who is vocal, there was a new Collie/Collie x Springer puppy that just barked hysterically the entire class XD

After heeling we then did off lead recall where my partner takes Sasha to one side of the hall, and I call her at the opposite end. Sasha has to run to me past allll the other puppies, owners and the trainer, then I reward her and my partner calls her back. She was amaaaazing!

Not only did she come straight to us with no interest in anybody else, but she looked so damn happy and boundy doing so XD

After that we did more work on sit and down stays, and whilst everybody else was doing that I did some work on stand stays too, as that’s important for assistance dogs too!



Then we did another round of heeling, and class was over!

This week our favourite trainer was on holiday so the other trainer ran class, and although she claims to be positive reinforcement (she’s not…) she’s really not as good at all. Thankfully nothing she did or said affected Sasah – it could have, but I was able to react quickly as I had treats in my hand! Obviously with either trainers if they asked to use Sasha as a demo dog we’d say no though 😀

Video from class, just a short one during our stay work!

With class finished Sasha got to say to an adorable American Bulldog puppy and her friend Panda, a JRT that she fell in love with on her first puppy class three weeks ago 🙂

We then left the facility and mooched to a shop to buy more treats, then walked to the nearest bus stop and caught the bus back.


Honestly guys, I am so SO proud of her ^__^

And when we got home, potato puppy was being quiet in her crate!! Yay and woohoo!

Here are some pics of Toller as an added bonus 😉



11 thoughts on “2nd Puppy Class

  1. I’ve been MIA for over 2 months, oops! But OMG you have two new puppies! How on earth did this happen?? How’re Kasper, Rey and Pixie with them?
    I have to say I’m extremely jealous of Sasha – a poodle 😀 I’m still considering multiple breeders for my working poodle and one of my options is a lady living in South Devon but would love to know which breeder you picked if you would be okay sharing? Sasha is doing fantastically for being 17 weeks so well done!

    • Hi! Well, the reason we adopted Tolly is because we lost Pixie, and I really missed having a tiny dog I could have on my lap, carry about etc. Pixie was attacked by an off lead dog and long story short, I dropped her long line to try give her a chance at survival, and she was chased under a car.

      Kasper’s actually doing surprisingly well with Sasha – he’s a grumpy old man now hahaha so I always expect the worst XD ), but we’re keeping him apart from Toll as Kasper weighs 21kg and Tolly weighs 1.5kg, and Kasper tends to get OTT with new puppies XD They’ve met through barriers and in my arms, but not actually ‘met’.

      Raiden is great with Sasha (actually not anywhere near as excited as you’d expect though, he doesn’t love her in the same way he adored Pixie), but he’s awful with Tolly – he gets so insanely excited that our little potato gets knocked about all over the place XD

      So I’m doing lots of impulse control games around Toller, and when Rey can play and get a bit giddy, Tolly is always tucked in my lap 😛

      I’ll dig out Sasha’s info and find her breeder’s name and email it to you, if you like? I will say Sasha came with some fear we weren’t expecting (we’re still working on some of it) but she was placed as an assistance dog to a family for four weeks before being returned due to the mum’s allergies, so we assume the anxiety was caused by them. She is amazingly calm, and sweet, and intelligent, and her families’ health tests were extensive with great results for the hips. My partner met Sasha’s mother and grandmother and said they were lovely…oh, all her dogs are HUGE too! XD

      I couldn’t believe it when I saw how big Sasha was at 12 weeks (9.5kg) and at 17 weeks she was 13.5kg – yet to find any Spoos that were bigger than her at that age, and every person we meet can’t get over how big she is XD

      • I’m so sorry about Pixie! It’s one of those absolutely heartbreaking spur of the moment decisions because you never know what to do for the best. Neither her nor you deserved that.

        I’m sure Kasper will be great with them all given time and Rey is just generally excitable (I’d love to say he’ll calm with age but I think that’s wishful thinking!). You’re making me very puppy broody I have to say but just not in a position for one right now. Tolly is just utterly adorable and Sasha just has an unfair advantage being a poodle. Her breeder details would be fantastic – thank you 🙂 I can’t guarantee I’ll end up with a Sasha-related puppy but will definitely look into it. So far I have 3 maybe breeders and one if-she-ever-does-a-repeat to consider too so who knows 😀

      • Thanks. The Pixie thing was absolutely awful…because she was on a longline and they were both moving so fast, we couldn’t separate them at all, so I literally didn’t know what to do…I still get anxious walking any of the dogs now because you just can’t trust other dog owners and all it takes is one walk and you’ve lost your dog 😦

        Yeah, if we can get Kasper to the point where he can be calm and basically ignore Sasha and Tolly that would be good (he still is really not a fan of Raiden XD ), but I don’t think the girls will suit his play style. He’s too OTT and has a very hard-hitting play style, which isn’t Sasha at all and Toller’s so small…although I bet she’ll love that once she’s bigger haha XD

        And Rey, he’s fine with Sasha and I’m sure will be better with Tolly when she’s bigger…although need to be really careful there as Toller’s not spayed obviously and Raiden’s intact, and nobody needs more Rey-dogs in the world hahahaha!

        Ah it’d be so cute if you did end up with a Sasha relative though!!! Can you imagine how adorable that would be?! XD

        We ‘d given up looking for Spoos as we couldn’t find any nearby breeders that still bred. We phoned about 10 breeders and they’d all stopped. We were mainly looking at Labs, Working Cockers and a few Collie breeders – we actually had our names down for a Cocker puppy that would be ready early next year – but then we saw Sasha advertised as she’d been returned to the breeder due to an allergy. Two of her immediate family members were registered therapy dogs and she’d already been placed in a home with a disabled child…it seemed like fate!! She was out of the area we’d been looking for breeders in, but our friend didn’t mind driving us so him and my partner went and visited and I sat at home dying with nerves 😛

        I’ll email you details now, it’ll be from a different address to last time I emailed as I never managed to figure out the password XD

      • ahah I got the email before I read 🙂
        I imagine it has really knocked your confidence and I don’t think there’s necessarily a right answer in that sort of situation and you couldn’t possibly have known what would happen.
        Can Kasper adjust his play style to suit his partner? I know some dogs are better at it than others and some really don’t manage it at all.
        I’m sure you’ll be fine on the heats front, they’ll let you know and if you want a blog to read about keeping intact dogs in close quarters during a heat let me know as I know a lady who kept a fantastic diary of it 🙂 MiMi’s now 2 and we still don’t know if / when she has a heat – obviously she should have had one but we’ve had none of the usual signs and it’s not like any dog can get close enough to give us a clue but will be a potential concern for future-poo.
        That’s quite a few breeds! I contacted one poodle breeder who’s husband got back to me and said she’d died, that was awkward. But I’m willing to travel for the right puppy so not restricting myself to any one area but that’s obviously much easier when I can drive there myself

      • Kasper has absolutely impeccable manners with dogs he meets on walks – pushy dogs he is so obvious that he means no harm, rude youngsters he appropriately tells off, energetic dogs he runs with…but when the dog’s a part of his family he loses all that XD With dogs he knows well or family members, he assumes they all like rough and tumble play, and during the ‘getting to know each other’ stage he gets over-excited super quick and starts getting clumsy-rough and humpy.

        A link to the blog would be cool. I’d love to wait until Tolly was at least a year before spaying her, but I just don’t know if we’d be able to wait…wow really, she’s never had a heat?! That’s crazy!

        Well Labs made the list because duh, talk about a good breed for assistance work 😛 I love Collies and their drive and intelligence, but eventually (and sadly!) ruled the breed out as I was worried about the potential for nerves and noise sensitivity, and I was struggling to find good breeders. Working Cockers seemed perfect and I would have been very happy with one…but I am so glad we stumbled across Sasha, she’s amazing 🙂

        Yeah being able to travel would be really handy. Because we kinda live in the middle of nowhere any breeder outside our immediate area was a real pain to get to, so I’m really glad our friend helped us out ^__^

      • Ahhh bless him, he just likes playing with family 🙂 I’ll have a look for the blog and get back to you (I know it’s saved somewhere!)
        Labs are definitely the obvious choice and I’d have discounted collies for the same reason. My trainer has just got a wocker puppy for agility and he’s fantastic but wild. Sasha does seem brilliant
        It’s definitely nice to have good friends, you did very well there 🙂

      • Thank you, that’d be cool but obviously no rush 🙂 The trainers we’re using, one has two Collies and two Working Cockers and the other has Toy and Miniature Poodles so it was funny when we were talking through breeds with them 😀

        I really really wanted a Collie. I wanted a Collie puppy soooo bad!! But when I weighed everything up I couldn’t risk the nervousness, so unfortunately had to rule the breed out. And Labs are lovely and fab in so many ways (yay food motivation!) but I was a little worried about crazy young Lab energy…we really had settled on Working Cockers, then along came Sasha and she’s just amazing. My partner has already said he never wants anything but Spoos again XD

      • Standards are addictive. Eventually I want all three sizes to compete with. I can’t see a collie as a good SD but I imagine wockers would be very good

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