Sasha’s a big girl!

Today has been an awful day for seizures 😦

I had a cluster in the morning, one as soon as I woke up, then I had my usuals at night…tonight it was four absence seizures and a biggy, which resulted in hours and hours of spaciness and confusion. I doubt I will remember writing this blog and am still having trouble thinking / concentrating, and I haven’t had a seizure in about three hours now.

One of my biggest and most reliable triggers for seizures is having done a walk in the dark, then coming back to the lights in our village. The difference in light really messes with me, at least I assume that’s what does it, and 99% of the time I’ll have at least one seizure, usually more.

Because we live in such a tiny tiny village, most the places we can walk around here don’t have any streetlights, so we really are walking in the pitch blackness – even the roads don’t have additional lighting!

So annoying -__-

The good news though, Sasha did half a dozen perfect “stops” off lead today!! I did feel bad though because the entire 20 minutes she was off lead she was just walking to heel and offering eye contact…GO HAVE FUN DAMN IT XD

Tonight we put both of Sasha’s “big girl” harnesses on, to see how well she’s growing into them – one fits!! The green one, my favourite, too πŸ˜€

Doesn’t she look beautiful? ^__^

I’m not excited for this harness purely for aesthetics (although that’s a nice bonus!) but more importantly this harness has much more room for patches.

We have SUCH a huge issue with people bothering Sasha whilst we are out.

I don’t just mean looking and smiling at her. Every single walk when we are around people (so if we’re walking just five minutes through town it will happen multiple times) we get at least a few of these happening EVERY WALK:

  • People making kissy noises as they walk past to distract her
  • People walking directly up to her and trying to stroke her head
  • People sticking their hand right in front of her nose, and THEN petting her head
  • People talking to her and calling her to them
  • People staring at her
  • People following us and staring at her

None of this is okay

Sasha is my service dog in training, she is the reason I am able to get out of the house. It is not okay that onΒ every single walk people are distracting her and ruining so much of the effort I am pouring into her.

And on top of that she is people sensitive, by which I mean if people walk directly up to her and reach for her, she will shy away and begin to feel anxious. This is fine and something we are constantly counter conditioning to her, but I CAN’T DO THAT IF ON EVERY WALK SOME IDIOT DOES IT AND REINFORCES THE FACT THAT PEOPLE ARE SCARY!!!

When we use her ‘working’ lead, it repeatedly says ‘Service Dog’ on it. There are two bright red ‘STOP’ patches, one sleeve reading IN TRAINING and another KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. On top of that this harness will have a bright red STOP patch and a bright yellow IGNORE ME patch on each side.


It really bugs me because if Sasha was a guide dog and I was blind, I honestly believe so few people would approach and bother her, but because my illnesses are invisible people just can’t understand and think they have a right to come distract her 😦

It means I don’t want to go into busy places, I don’t even want to take the side streets through town to get to the canal…and that’s stupid, because I have every right to do so and people should bloody know assistance dog etiquette!

Oh, here’s a story on the kind of moronic people we have to deal with.

We were out a few days ago, I had Sasha and my partner had Tully in the carry bag, Tully was fast asleep. I move Sasha out of an old woman’s way and we go wait for the lights to change so we can cross. The woman is tutting at Sasha and staring at us – no idea why.

I don’t like it, so before Sasha can even think about getting anxious about this woman’s odd behaviour, I walk her in the opposite direction. I then hear the woman ask if she can stroke Tully. My partner quite rightly says no – firstly you were already acting weird, secondly Tully is asleep!

My partner turns to walk after me and Sasha, and the old woman PUTS HER HAND ON MY PARTNER’S SHOULDER!! She grabs onto his shoulder to stop him moving, and with her other hand is reaching for Tully – my partner yanks away as hard as he can and marches off after me and Sash.

Seriously, when did people get so rude and just assume they can do absolutely anything to other people’s dogs?! It really pisses me off!

On that wonderfully positive note (*snort*!) here are some adorable photos of two very differently sized puppies playing πŸ˜‰ ❀


He’s still a noisy gobshite in his crate btw, but now he always pops in and out looking for treats XD


Tully has his first vet appt for vaccinations tomorrow. I always get nervous about these things, but what with his size I’m even more nervous – vets use the same dose for a puppy his size as they would for a Great Dane puppy, and that just seems so wrong to me!!

Plus I think my partner’s going in with Tully alone and me and Sash will wait outside together, which makes me nervous as that’s never happened before!


4 thoughts on “Sasha’s a big girl!

    • Like one with the big handle? I’m worried that I’d constantly get the lead caught on it or that it’ll get stuck on stuff off lead :/

      So far (touch wood) this new harness has prevented any idiots. Her gear’s as obvious as it can be for now, and for the first time ever, when walking through places that were actually busy, we had NOBODY come try and distract/fuss her πŸ™‚

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