Mini Duna cage review

Our friend works at a gross big pet shop chain, but there is one HUGE perk – he brings us any cages around that they are throwing out!!

Yesterday he brought us three Ferplast Mini Duna cages.

I have been hearing about these for years, but have never had one. The design of these is kind of the old staple of a hamster cage; a fairly small floor space with a level inside, a wheel attached to the level, and an outer water bottle, access through the roof. Does anyone else remember when all hamster cages were like this?!

However this cage is better designed, better sized, and just nicer in general.

You can see the Dunas in this pic – green top left, white underneath on the right.


Price: around £30

Dimensions: about 60cm x 40cm x 30cm high

Suitable for: mice and dwarf hamsters

This isn’t a huge cage, however when you see it in person it is nice and wide. It uses the length well. The additional level is also well designed in that it’s quite wide, unlike most similar cages where the platforms are very narrow and Syrians often fall off them!!

The one problem I have with the level is the horrific grooved floor. When the cage is designed for rodents, many of whom poop and pee everywhere, WHY use a grooved floor that’s almost impossible to clean?!?!

The cage does come with a wheel that fastens onto the platform; we never use these wheels as they are almost always too small or incredibly noisy – or both! The thing I really like about this cage is that, if you don’t want to use the wheel, you can remove the part that the wheel attaches to, making underneath the level much more accessible.

It also comes with one of the annoying Ferplast food bowls (the sides are needlessly wide and they take up so much space in the cages!!) and one of the little plastic houses too. Nothing special or exciting, but the house will come in useful.

The water bottle sits on the outside with the nozzle coming through the side of the cage – I HATE this design!!!


This design leaves you no option but to either use that water bottle or (if it drips / breaks) leave it there empty of water. You can’t remove it as it leaves a huge hole that most rodents will focus on and chew their way out.

I know this as it happened with a Syrian when I was a teenager – the hamster managed to knock the bottle off in the night, and by morning had chewed a huge hole in the cage wall which resulted in me having to get a new cage entirely.

It’s also an annoying design as if you want to have the cage facing a certain way against a wall, the water bottle takes up a surprising amount of room – it’s really messed up our storage layout for example! 😀

The roof has a nice area of mesh for ventilation and hanging toys, and the bar spacing is far better than I was expecting. Not only do the bars feel very narrow, but they are stiff too, and a mouse wouldn’t be able to use force to bend them further apart (this sounds ridiculous but I’ve actually come across a few cages where this was possible).

My one (very minor) complaint with the roof is that the opposite side to the latches doesn’t sit on anything, which means the cage doesn’t hinge upwards, it just lifts / falls off. Slight chance of the roof falling into the cage as it is opened, but if you’re aware of this problem it’s easy to avoid…just something I noticed 🙂


  • Well priced for a cage that isn’t tiny, has some nice features, and looks nice
  • Narrow bar spacing makes it perfect for small rodents
  • It’s an ideal cage for raising litters as there are no bars low down
  • The level is nice and large – there’s plenty of room for a flying saucer up there, for example
  • Uses the space well and is wider than most cages this size
  • Cage clips apart for thorough cleans


  • Outer water bottle
  • Grooved platform means cleaning that area is a real pain in the arse
  • Grooved base of cage is also unhelpful!
  • It’s not the biggest cage, and isn’t suitable for more than a pair of mice – I certainly wouldn’t keep a Syrian or gerbils in there (unless it was for quarantine or because they were very old)

My overall thoughts are that this is a good cage.

I’d happily keep a lone dwarf or male mouse in here, and I’d be happy for others to keep a pair of females in here so long as they got a lot of stimulation. There are a few features I’m not a fan of – I’m dreading the first clean when I have to chisel bits of dirt off each individual square on the level XD – but overall it’s a good little cage and I think I would actually pay £25-30 for it.

We rate it: 3.4/4 paws



3 thoughts on “Mini Duna cage review

    • Hahaha I know, we lucked out with the colours! The best would have been green, pink and blue, but green, pink and white is pretty good too 😉 Thank you very much!

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