Sasha the sulk

We put some spot-on treatment on Sasha tonight.

She slunk off to the other side of the room and lay down as far away from us as she could. Then she came and lay next to us but turned her head away, and now she’s taken herself off again…I miss her XD

We had a play walk with Sasha and Raiden today. These guys are getting on so well, Sasha tolerates Raiden’s rude behaviour wonderfully (maybe because his play style is very puppy like?!) and Raiden actually lets Sasha chase him instead of him doing all the chasing – I swear this has only happened twice before in his entire life!!!

I love watching them play, and other than Rey’s bloody barking I could watch it all day XD

Durghan, our rescue hedgehog, is slowly settling in. I get him out 1-2 times a day and just sit with him on my lap, and he spends the entire time grumbling – BUT, last night, for the first time, he had his snout out and if he hadn’t been so on his side I think he would have come out for an explore 😀

Sasha is hilarious with Durghan though, very intrigued!


And my partner’s been really ill the last few days so we have been doing lots of snuggling and looking after him…pretty sure Sasha was sleeping on the job though XD

She is 16 weeks old as of yesterday, and has finally hit that stage where she is just all legs XD


Poodleage fur!

We also added a budgie to our family 😀

This was 14 months nagging from me hahahaha! I’ve wanted a budgie so bad for so long, and we finally had a large spare cage, so my partner caved. He went out and chose the budgie, first he picked three he thought were cutest, then chose our little guy based on personality…he seems AWESOME!

We’ve run through a few names for him. He seems to be one of those furkids that’s really hard to name! First he was Tazz, then he was Salad, and I *think* we’re settled on Chubb now XD

He’s settled in really really well. From when I opened the box he was very confident, and he’s a joy to watch. He *almost* took a treat by hand today so I’m really really hoping he is easy to tame 🙂

And finally, here’s a really crappy training video from when we went to the supermarket this evening!

My partner ran in to buy a few things, and me and Sash waited outside and did some training, mainly just socialisation, focus and heeling…so very proud of this pup! ❤


This is amazing – 12 weeks old on the left, 16 weeks and 1 day on the right XD


One thought on “Sasha the sulk

  1. Is spot-on for ticks/fleas? If so, you could try something like Bravecto… Has changed our lives! (In case you don’t know) It is a tablet that lasts for 3 months and the dogs seem to like it.

    If spot-on is not for ticks/fleas, ignore me…

    Sasha is a cuite.

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