Beautiful photos, beautiful walk

We had another adventure today, albeit a smaller one!

Our friend was coming over today, so as Sasha had a UTI a few days ago, instead of taking her somewhere indoorsy I suggested we go check out this beautiful walk I discovered a while back.

It’s a ten minute drive from our house. The drive there was beautiful, all fields and bogland, beautiful skies and mountains in the distance covered in snow. Truly amazing.

We parked up and started walking down this country lane to our destination. Sasha said hi to another puppy (18 weeks, smaller than her, looked maybe Rottie x Collie??) which was really cute πŸ™‚

We saw a gate leading to somewhere that wasn’t where we were aiming for, but ducked through anywhere just to explore. Oh my god guys, the views!!

It was so beautiful I almost cried. I was alsoΒ extremely grateful that I had brought my good camera. Used to be I’d take it on almost every walk, but I hardly use it at all these days as editing the photos is a trigger…risked it today, and I’ll forever have these beautiful photos as a reminder of a lovely day out πŸ˜€

I’m usually not that impressed with the photographs I take, but I actually really like a few of these. This next one makes me happy because it turned out exactly as I hoped it would!

Our friend and miss Sashie-poo on the cliffs

After exploring this area we clipped Sasha’s lead back on and retraced our steps back to the lane. Further down this lane I knew we could get onto the actual beach, and on the way there Sasha got to greet a little Westie too πŸ™‚

After another 10 minutes’ walk, we ducked around the side of a cattle grid and behold – the beach!

This place was extremely quiet to say how absolutely idyllic it is. I guess it is in the middle of nowhere, but it was so cool to have this beautiful beach to ourselves!!

Sasha was THE HAPPIEST dog ever, because she so loves off lead walks and she absolutely adores beaches, so it was cute. Really nice as it tied in with her turning 16 weeks old today too!

This photo makes me laugh SO MUCH!! How are *both* her ears standing directly upwards?! XD



Weird little plane in the sky


Really nice little walk πŸ™‚

Video footage of the big clumsy cloud girl – a few of the latter clips are from a different walk yesterday, too ^__^


5 thoughts on “Beautiful photos, beautiful walk

    • Her behaviour with puddles is utterly adorable. Those concentrated jumps and obvious joy at the splash produced XD

      Thank you, I haven’t been able to enjoy photography much lately but Im so pleased I just took the risk yesterday! I had a few videos filmed where Sasha ran directly to me during a recall, and I shot those entirely so I could slow-mo them…wouldn’t you know it I lost the bloody footage, so that was the best I had XD

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