Bad days

I’m not having a good week.

Too many seizures. These leave me feeling exhausted and foggy headed, with no memory or motivation. With several I’ve not been able to talk for hours afterwards, which is incredibly frustrating as even when my brain’s returned to normal I can’t communicate and when I try use hand signals my partner gets confused.


And I’ve been more stressed than usual and missing our lost dog. When you get so used to snuggling something 24/7, and you stroke her all the time and she’s always on your lap…it breaks your heart when you lost her. And Sasha is independent and is not a snuggler, and neither of the boys are πŸ˜₯

So I just feel like shit.

We also had a really shitty public access trip a few days ago when we went into the museum and an elderly staff member would not leave Sasha alone.

He followed us in three different rooms and was walking right behind her, reaching for her, and talking to her (“Hello, hello. Are you hungry eh, are you?”) and THREE TIMES my partner said something along the lines of “I’m sorry but she’s an assistance dog in training, can you leave us alone and not distract her please”, and three times he either completely ignored us or didn’t understand at all what we were saying.

First I was immensely freaked out but then I was just pissed off. If you’re going to work somewhere like that you should know the law and be competent enough to understand when people have asked you to leave their dog alone, ugh. I was glad Sasha’s doing so much better with strangers as two weeks back had something like that happened she would have been terrified, this time she was just confused.


Oh also my laptop has broken, so I most likely won’t be blogging as much as it means sharing the PC with my partner (our PC doubles up as our TV too, so sharing is not easy!!) and the TV screen triggers seizures more :/

I promised some photos of Sasha and Rey together, to show off their size difference, and because he’s doing better with her, it’s easier to get photos rather than having to have hands free for training!

We’re also doing work with Rey and the cats (he;s fab but excitable with them!) so you’ll see Pecan in the crate here XD

Rey’s focus is gradually improving around Sasha (here he was doing a sit stay) and he’s calming down with her. Intro’s are still v.short several times a day, then one gets moved to the other side of the baby gate


I saw a friend’s 16 week old Spoo online today (1wk older than Sasha) and it looked like an actual puppy – short legged, stubby, fluffy thing instead of a huge long-legged beast like Sasha XD


And this weekend we are adopting a 23 month old African Pygmy Hedgehog.

I’ve seen a few up for adoption since Flair passed but wasn’t ready, but my partner especially loved that prickly little dude and I’d love a little spiny friend to focus on in the house, so we’re excited to meet him this Sunday.

His owner has been wonderful, very honest and, when I explained about Flair, offered to take Doug (her hog) to the vet for a check up, and said if he gets ill with us she will take him back, bless her. Here are some pics she sent:

Today we got possible the best haul in the mail ever πŸ˜€

Three puzzle feeders, a Buffalo horn chew as Sasha is/will be teething very soon, and a dog training book:

The Twist N Treat is *huge*, and interestingly that is a Large Kong and a Medium ‘Squirrel Dude’ – I’ve found the Busy Buddy toys to be cheaper, better, and longer lasting than Kong toys, so they come highly recommended from us πŸ™‚

The book is ‘Control Unleashed’ and is the puppy version – omg this book seems AMAZING so far!!


It was pretty expensive but my partner got me it, god love him, and I haven’t managed to read too much (don’t ya just love seizures? 😦 ) but up to page 42 it has been *incredible*.

The book is aimed at training dogs from agility to show to service dogs, so it focuses a lot on focus training, taking things at their pace etc. It really does seem incredible, and hopefully if my brain has soaked enough in once I’ve finished I’ll review it πŸ™‚

Ugh, I am feeling so down at the moment >__<

On a positive note the roadworks finish tomorrow evening. Three long months and they’ve finally finished!! They have been changing all our sewer system to try and avoid flooding andΒ five days blackout like last year during Storm Desmond.

This week we have had three days’ heavy rain and guess what? The drains are all flooded and the roads are getting full XD

Good job council, good job…

I leave you with a nuddy Poodle girl. The horror!



2 thoughts on “Bad days

  1. Yeah!!! I loved the busy buddy squirrel. I don’t like soft/wet treats becuase they leave a mess and the busy buddy squirrel is great for putting small solid treats inside and keeping them entertained, they are also cheaper than kongs and they feel like good quality materials.

    What are your thoughts on the unleash training book? I know my dogs need lots of training there.

    • I’m going to start buying a lot more Busy Buddy toys in, they seem like such a great company. They have a range of toys, their designs are usually interesting, and they’re so cheap yet keep that durability. I love it πŸ˜€

      Control Unleashed has been *amazing* so far πŸ™‚ I’m only 50-some pages in but it’s been fantastic – lots of talk on keeping your puppy happy, taking things at their pace, and not putting too much pressure on them. I can’t wait to read more, she has already mentioned a lot of games to increase the dog’s focus on you, so it’ll be good to get to them and try some out with Sasha πŸ™‚

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