I have no mouth & I must slither

Yep, snake post, you have been warned 😉





My little guy is growing sooo fast!!

He’s over 2ft now, over halfway to 3ft! Amazing, especially since he missed one feed and a few times we fed him 10 days after his last feed rather than the 5-7 days we’re generally aiming for.

He’s moved up a mouse size as Pets At Home mice vary in size (also every single mouse we have bought from them has been stained shoulders-nose bright red with blood – what are they doing to those mice?!?!?! In 10 years of snake ownership I have never seen that!) and has handled the larger mice no probs, which is good 🙂


He’s still an absolute dream of a snake – reliable feeder, good shedder, great to handle and very laid back. Awesome little dude ^__^


“Oh I’m sorry, you’re trying to use this?”

And even in black and white he looks awesome ^__^


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