The life of my cats

As promised, here are many, many photos of my boys πŸ™‚

You’ll also notice I took some actual good shots on my camera here and edited them. I had a very bad day for seizures yesterday, and today’s shaping up to go the same way, so Β I thought fuck it…if I’m going to have seizures anyway I might as well do something that I enjoy but usually avoid because it triggers them, haha!

Sasha’s training around the cats is going wonderfully!

It’s been really hard to teach as the boys love to entice her into chasing (simply by rushing about wherever we go in case we’re getting food for them XD ) and neither of them react when Sasha is too rough with them. In fact Enzo loves it *rolls eyes*

So I’m moderator.

I’m teaching Sasha the same way you teach a puppy bite inhibition. Gentle mouthing is very much allowed, but if she’s too rough she gets called away. Just a few days ago she would grab Enzo especially by the scruff and tug or drag him about (which he loved *sigh*) and now she is SO gentle.

Here she is with Enzo’s entire head IN HER MOUTH!!!

Enzo is madly, incredibly in love with her. I have two theories here:

  1. He is just so happy to have a dog that he can interact with again
  2. When Sasha scruffed him the first few times, he started to think of her as the mummy cat. He goes up to her and butts his head against her, he pads his front paws on her etc. He’s such a little weirdo XD


Pecan is also very (too!) tolerant of Sasha, and she chases him more as he runs about more than Enzo, but he loves her too. He’s always very happy to snuggle with her and doesn’t even mind when she sits on his head, puts legs over him etc


Enzo’s body is lumpier than ever, which is incredibly sad and scary, but he’s acting so fine in himself…in fact he’s the happiest cat I’ve ever known.

So I’m thrilled to have him and see how happy and loved he is, and he is SUCH a mummy’s boy which is just amazing. I absolutely adore his cuddles πŸ™‚


And once Pecan has got all his energy out, he literally turns into the worlds most squishiest lap-cat…you can do anything to him or around him and he will just stay in his melted little puddle of fur XD

Christmas cat!

Omb he loooves scaling the mouse rack and watching all the meecers. Fantastic mental stimulation there, and the mice couldn’t care less πŸ™‚


Enzie bobs – those rounded ears! ❀





8 thoughts on “The life of my cats

  1. I loved reading this and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your kitty cats! What a troop! Sweet sweet bunch that would make anyone jealous 😍
    Thanks for sharing πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ’•πŸ’•

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