Hey, I did good this year, I actually waited until November XD

We actually tried to put our tree up yesterday, and had the most hilarious start to the festive season ever. We opened a new box of Chrsitmas tree lights that were bought brand new last year, put them all around the tree, plugged them in…and they didn’t work.

So we unwound them and fished out our trust back-up lights; we’ve had these lights for seven years, since we very first started dating. We plugged them in before decorating the tree with them, and they worked – phew!


So, we put the them around the tree, plugged them back in…AND THEY DIDN’T WORK!!!

We fiddled with them, unplugged them and tried all the other plugs in the room – they were dead! Agh!

After stalling Christmas for a day, today we walked into town with Sasha and went to our local supermarket. My bf went in to buy fairy lights and me and Sashy-pants stayed outside and worked on training.

We did some stuffs around shopping trolleys, worked on heeling with so many distractions, and sat close to the main path so we could practice being calm and also offering focus on me whilst so many people passed.

She did really good, she had zero anxiety around any of the people and even went and greeted an elderly woman with a trolley whilst we chatted πŸ™‚

(and yes I did just say I chatted with a stranger on my own, I’m sorry when was I taken over by aliens?!)

My partner chose the most amazing Christmas lights I have ever seen, and we double tested them before putting them around the tree haha! Thankfully these worked and we just had the best time putting all the decorations up πŸ™‚

This was Sasha during the process btw!

And we locked Pecan in the crate because he almost killed us running under our feet a million times XD

One of our absolute favourite parts of Christmas is putting decorations on the tree.

I come from a family where only my mum put the decorations on the tree, nobody else was allowed to touch them. Decorating the tree would take hours as my mum held up baubles one by one and tried to figure out where they’d look best, sometimes putting just one on the tree then going to make sure it looked ‘right’ on the other side of the room.

Comparatively, me and my partner dive into our bag of decorations together, grabbing the closest one and showing each other, exclaiming about when we bought it, which dog has chewed it over the years XD

It couldn’t be more different, and I love it!


For the first year since we bought this tree we’ve been able to have the star on top!

Normally we have the tree on a table, and then even though a friend already cut the top of the tree off to make it shorter, it’s still too tall for the star XD

This year though we have the tree on our snake’s viv (pretty sure we’ll regret this when Sasha / the cats have the tree over, or Kasper steals and eats the tinsel!!) which means star on top *


Course I made Sashie-bum pose πŸ˜‰


And I may have made Raiden pose too XD


I did consider trying to get them to both pose together, but that would be way too hard on both of them haha πŸ™‚

I have about a bazillion photos of the cats I’d like to post too. I’ll probably do a post tomorrow that is *just* photos of the cats XD

Also, we are considering adding a kitten to the family. Maybe.

I found a gorgeous oops litter of kittens near where I used to live, so I’m waiting to hear back from the owner. They’re only 2 weeks old, so we have plenty of time to think. I know intro’ing adult cats to kittens can be a little more difficult than kitten-kitten, but I’d honestly love another cat in the house and it would provide security if we did lose Enzo any time soon.



8 thoughts on “It’s CHRISTMAS!!

  1. Happy tree decorating day! 🌲
    I didn’t want to ask earlier, however my curiosity is getting the better off me… was it Pixie that had the bad encounter with the other dog? 😟 I’ve not seem any photos lately.
    Sasha looks so cute by the tree!

    • Thank you. Yep…we lost her…she was attacked by an off lead dog, and because she was on a longline we couldn’t get to them or separate them…so we dropped her lead (because we had no other choice and we were a good 30ft from any road) and she was able to get away and we thought if we could just catch one of the dogs we’d have a chance. But the dog just kept chasing her, and she had no choice but to run, and she was hit by a car as it came around a corner. It was a blind corner and absolutely wasn’t the driver’s fault at all, and…well anyway, we phoned the dog warden and he wasn’t very supportive at all, he basically said if we wanted the other dog’s owner would pay for a new dog for us. Which we didn’t, and don’t, want. We buried Pixie in one of her favourite places…Enzo is missing her like crazy but he’s very lucky to a) have his brother and b) have Sasha who he can pester and get dog-love from. And of course we miss her, but I just try not to think about it, and focus on training Sasha.

      • Thank you ❀ And thank you! We really do love putting our tree up, usually it gets earlier and earlier every year but we haven't done *too* badly this year!

      • I’m sorry to have brought it up 😟😒 I just missed her little face. Her photo was what made me hit the follow button on your blog. Such a cutie! I will miss her.
        Unleashed dogs are a problem here also. My boys are mostly nice, however if a dog looks like it may hurt me (not so much my husband) Oreo will get defensive. It’s just sad people can’t take responsibility seriously. πŸ˜”
        I will look forward to more cutie pix of Sasha and remember Pixie in my heart πŸ’–

      • Yeah, I miss her like crazy. Since we got her she’s been with me 24/7, so it was a huge loss.

        Our area is terrible for anybody and everybody letting their dogs off lead, and we see a lot of aggressive dogs and the others are untrained!! The owners are obnoxious too, just today outside our house a man was slapping his dog as hard as he could in the face because it barked and growled at Sasha *sigh*…and they wonder why their dogs are scared of other dogs.


  2. Lovely tree!!! Also lovely to see Ray again and I think I can already see the size difference ha ha but can’t wait for more photo’s. And how exciting about a kitten that’s so cute look forward to hearing about it.

    • Thank you! It’s so funny, Sasha’s tail length is about as tall as Rey is XD

      We’re not sure if we’re getting a kitten or not yet, it’s just something we’re thinking about. I’ll keep the blog updated though πŸ™‚

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