Our first proper public access work

Everyday we try do two walks with Sasha in various places.

She has gotten so good at heeling, and offers it almost all the time – I take her on these scenic walks so she can go crazy and experience all these new smells, and she’s just walking along at my heels, looking up like “so where’s my treat?!” XD

Since puppy class she is SO MUCH BETTER with barking (she used to get so freaked out when she heard dogs barking), which I guess is the result of being in a room with fairly noisy puppies and one extremely vocal puppy!!

We heard quite a few dogs barking today and she rocked it. The one time it freaked her (to the point where small pieces of chicken were ignored, but pig pieces were eaten 😛 ) was when we were walking past a garden with two screaming dogs. This was after Sasha had already been out for ages as well, so I forgave her 😉

Anyway, we headed out and got some really nice heeling all the way to our destination: THE MUSEUM!

First time here, first time going in somewhere like this. I held the door open and she went through, and I dropped the lead…yay me XD

Huge butter fingers damn it! Sasha plodded up to a member of staff about 3ft away, sniffed at him really politely, he kinda spread his arms to guide her back, I called her, and she came to me. It was a funny start to our museum trip though!

We worked on directional cues and heeling (there was a weird man following us around the entrance way so I kept trying to get out of his way, and he just followed!!), and went into a few of the museum’s rooms.

I always thought when we did work like this, Sasha would be trying to sniff everything, struggling to focus on me etc…there was NONE of that, at all!

She heeled, she came towards me, she sat without being asked, she stayed without being asked, and she focused without being asked. Her focus was on me, she didn’t even try to sniff anything. She is 13 weeks oldI am amazed!!

Museum pics 🙂



This big room had a movie blaring and a guy setting up a stall behind us too. Again, LOOK AT THAT FOCUS!



After some fab socialisation and some great training, we left.

You can see some short heeling and museum clips here 🙂 :

We carried her most the way back to our village, but I got increasingly panicky as we got closer to the roadworks – having to wave a high visibility cape at the construction workers so they see, signal each other to turn of the machinery, and then stand and watch as I rush past is AWFUL.

Today was worse as we were stood about 20ft from the roadworks waving the cape, and the builder who was at the front obviously had no idea why we were doing that or what it was meant…so he was staring at us, gesticulating, beckoning us to come closer etc…and we couldn’t because the machinery was really noisy and I’d have a seizure.

Eventually another builder looked up, knew what it meant, and called off all the noisy work. But I was already flustered and then having to rush past all the staring on the really narrow path made me even more freaked out.

After walking through today I was on the verge of tears and a panic attack. I don’t know why it freaks me out so much, I’m aware it’s stoopid, but it does.

So walking back to the roadworks I was filled with dread and my partner, being the love he is, suggested we go the long way back. This would add 40 minutes to our walk, and my partner would have to carry Sasha for most of that…bless him.

So we went the long way back 🙂

Even on the lane where I kept telling Sasha to go have fun, she spent almost all the time heeling hahaha

Ahead of us there was a mum with a child of about 6 walking two off lead dogs, a Golden Retriever and a littler Terriery-Schnauzer type dog.

The Terrier was standing and staring back at us even though it was about 40ft away. The mum was paying absolutely zero attention, so I had Sasha stop and we blasted through some training until it had finally gone around the corner.

Once we had rounded the corner we discovered that the mum had stopped and was talking to another dog walker, this one with a huuuge Golden Retriever. Both the mum’s dogs started approaching us, the Terrier letting out a few huffs but nothing too bad.

As her dogs had just been greeting the other Golden, I let Sasha say hi. The first Golden was lovely, and Sasha was really polite in saying hello and there was a little boundy-puppy-play 🙂

The Terrier came up, some barking (so glad Sasha experienced a lot of that at puppy class!!) and yelling from the owner, but it wasn’t too bad and did say hi to Sasha. I dropped Sasha’s lead to avoid tangling or crowding, and Sasha happily bounded about.

We then walked up to the other dog owner with the massive Golden, Sasha off lead, and she said hi wonderfully to the big dog and the woman ^__^

Then, STILL off lead, she greeted the mum and the young daughter, and carried on off lead when I asked, walking to heel!!!


Lots of carrying ensued 😉


On the way home we saw the woman with the massive Golden again, she’d done the exact loop we’d done but in reverse! She laughed as she passed, us carrying such a huge puppy, and said “It’s a long walk when you’re 13 weeks old, bless her!” 😀

And that was our first public access work, and our first walk of the day 🙂


Couldn’t be prouder of Sasha, and amazed I was able to manage a big walk too haha!

Yesterday my mood switched uber-fast, and by last night I was incredibly manic. There had been a few tiny signs that a manic episode was coming – not sleeping as much, feeling better than I should atm in terms of mood etc. So I fell off the deep end in the space of a few hours.

I took some remaining benzos, and managed to get about 3 hours sleep. Today all my happy-manic energy was gone, and I was *exhausted*…but I couldn’t sleep no matter what I tried. I’ve been exhausted all day, so I’m really chuffed I made it out on such a big walk and we got so much awesome training accomplished ^__^


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