the sun is shining

It looks beautiful outside, I can’t wait to get Pixie and Sasha out in it ^__^

I woke up with the worst migraine ever this morning, I was in agony, so I swallowed three Codeine right off the bat. It seems to be easing off now, but I’m not going out in the sun until it’s 100% gone.

I’ve been doing a lot of leave it work with Sasha, she’s getting good! Today is also day 3 (I think) of putting antibiotics in her left ear twice a day, and using cleanser in both ears once a day. On the first day she bucked and got close to freaking out about it, so me and my partner had a chat and came up with a better way of doing it – the worst we get now is a slight pull away of her head, and that’s usually when we do two ears in a row (normally we try do one ear, leave it an hour, then do another etc).

We’ve worked restraint into play A LOT, along with ear lifts, pokes etc. The other day we were playing as my partner restrained her, and she ended up falling asleep like that XD

Aw, sleepy girl…


I really want to get some footage of Sasha on walks or doing training, but it’s a pain because I have my hands full haha! I really do need to get some video footage and more photos though…

Oh look, we stuck a few patches on her puppy harness, for trips into town 🙂


We won’t be taking Sasha into many places atm, but there are quite a few dog-friendly shops in our town, and sometimes the staff can be a bit “AAGH A DOG LET ME PET!!” so any way I can get them to ease off a little is appreciated XD

I don’t know if I’ve shared the Kasper-&-Sasha walk pics yet?

If not, here they are. Kasper SUCKED initially – he didn’t know whether to fall into ‘yay new dog play with me’ mode or ‘I’m a grumpy old man now’ mode, so he switched between them (seriously, his body language is SO off with new dogs now, but only if we’re walking them).

And his focus was all over the place initially, but my partner did some work with him and five minutes in he was rocking it. Sasha was fabulous too, awesome recall, focus and polite behaviour with another dog 🙂

Love this photo: Sasha recalling from another dog, and Kasper remaining still by my partner!



Sisters ❤

Pixie’s reaction when Sasha gets back from a toilet trip – “YAY SASHY, YOU’RE BACK NOW PLAY WITH ME!!” XD

And doesn’t she look like an evil genius here?!

Okay my head’s feeling quite a bit better. I might take one of the girls out now whilst it’s sunny outside ^__^


2 thoughts on “the sun is shining

  1. I’ve just been catching up on all your recent posts, Sasha is amazing!! Congrats! She is going to be great for you, I’ve only heard great things about poodles and she sounds like she is doing so well already. Super happy for you all 🙂

    • Thank you! She has been absolutely incredible so far, other than flipping ear infections and HUGE tear stains (hoping the tear stains are caused by the ear infections or the fact she is/will be teething, as they’re the two biggest causes!). She’s doing really great with her training though, although she is spectacular at winding me up when she claims she has nothing to interest her XD

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