Sausage effort

Thought I’d better share some photos of Pixie for anybody going through withdrawal 😉

In other news the roadworks (which have now stretched entirely across the road with just a narrow 1ft footpath) have got incredibly loud, and the noise/vibrations/whatever triggers seizures in me *sigh*

So I literally can’t get out of our village, there’s no alternative route, that is the ONLY way through. And it’s also impacting on Sasha’s socialisation because we can’t just carry her through, they are so loud and it would not be a positive experience for her. I absolutely do not want to end up flooding her.

This means we can’t socialise Sasha around town in the day time (which means no training around lots of people, lots of cars, shops etc), or my partner could take her and I just have to stay at home and miss out on it all 😥

I’m really upset…

The builders were of the “you just have to deal with it” mind frame, so that’s wonderful *sigh*


Here’s a clip of me training Sasha around our new clippers, these are much bigger and about 4x louder than our other ones were!

Now as promised…sausage effort!!




Sometimes we are mean, and we lock her in her pen with lots of toys, treats and a soft pillow so we can train with Sasha XD





Brief play, because Pixie XD



5 thoughts on “Sausage effort

    • They’ve said they have another 3 weeks left, BUT after my partner spoke with them they’re going to sort something so we can still get through 🙂 They’ve also added us to a list so in future when there will be construction in our area they’ll let us know in advance and ask how they can help…they were really really good!

      Hahaha I will try get a post in every few days with Pixie photos 😀

    • Haha! Thank you – I just looked back at the photos and she really is! I wonder what’s helping that, I’d guess coconut oil or salmon oil 🙂

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