All about the pics

I’m getting overwhelmed with how many photos I have to share XD

Everyday brings with it new photos, because I take daily photos of my pups anyway, and on top of that watching Sasha grow means I’m taking extra. So with this blog I’ll try keep writing to a minimum(ish) and just spam the post with photos!

I posted in the last blog about the roadworks that mean I can’t leave the village, because they give me seizures.

Well, my partner called the company doing the works, and they were amazingly helpful!!

I think I almost died of shock hahaha, but we realised that seizures are a physical illness (ie. epilepsy), it’s not a mental health condition, or at least most people won’t assume that.

So whilst the answer to everything for mental illness is to ‘just deal with it’, physical illnesses are given much more understanding…this was a first for us, in the 7+ years we have been actively dealing with my MH conditions, we’ve never had this happen before.

The company took everything my partner said very seriously (really, can you imagine them doing this if he’d phoned to say the noise triggered my psychosis or something?!) and they phoned him FOUR times throughout the day to keep him updated.

On Monday he is going to meet with the site manager and customer service team manager, and they are going to tell him ideas they have come up with to manage this problem, and ask for his input on other ways they can help. Currently they are thinking they will give us high visibility jackets to wear, so that the construction workers will see us approaching and stop all the loud machinery so we can safely pass.

I’m gonna be extremely embarrassed bwahaha but if it means I can actually leave the village without having a seizure then so be it.

Isn’t that crazy though, how seriously they took it??

And they’ve put us on a priority list for people that might need extra help, so in future when construction like this is going to take place in our area (anything from roadworks to our water being turned off for a while) we’ll be alerted in advance, kept in the loop with everything going on, and we have a different number to call for any issues so they can be resolved faster.

I’m honestly flabbergasted!

Anyway, today we managed to sneak past the roadworks at about 4pm-ish when they were mostly packing up. We headed out on a walk with Sasha to the local field, heard it was deathly silent, so ran to the construction site to see if there was anybody about XD

We made it safely into town and had a lovely socialisation walk with Sasha. Out about 25 minutes so 10 minutes of carrying. We walked up the main road (still getting used to cars going past) and into town; this was her first time ever in such a busy place, so we sat in the town square for about 10 minutes and she just watched everything and got rewarded for focusing on us.

On Pixie’s walk today we had another moron walking an off lead dog, another Lab. Dog ran at us, ignoring recall, I *just* had time to snatch Pixie up and tried to keep turning her away as the dog launched itself at me…

What the moronic owners don’t realise is that this is really bloody dangerous, and I’m always panicky about dislocating my knee. It’s already popped out twice in the last three years and I DO NOT want it happening again, because ow >__<

The o

wner eventually managed to get her bloody dog away and I got the faintest of apologies *sigh* Still at least Pixie dealt with it fairly okay.

Piccy things.

We carved a pumpkin and turned it into a bipolar pumpkin – manic on one side depressed on the other XD

Pixie literally didn’t care about the pumpkin at all; she gave it one sniff then took herself off under a blanket to sleep on my lap. Sasha on the other hand was fascinated πŸ˜€



I gave her several pieces to try and she loved chewing on them. She only ate a little, but I was pleased she didn’t mind mouthing slimy foods as I know several dogs that freak out over foods like sloppy pumpkin XD


I asked Pixie if she wanted to try some…her face says it all XD


No. Just no.

Caught this moment on camera – sharing is caring! Pretty huge that Pixie is so comfortable around her little-big oaf of a sister and will share the water bowl with her πŸ™‚


Pixie is getting there with Sasha, and is actually pretty confident with her now. The annoying thing is having to stop her playing with Sasha, because play is how she gains confidence with a dog, but she’s just so bad at it XD

And I feel sorry for Pixie because I know she loves her play with trusted pups, which Sasha is becoming, but I have to put Sasha’s training first. Maybe when Sasha is much older and has had a lot of more appropriate interactions with other dogs, she can play with Pixie then as she’ll just understand that Pixie is a little special!

Pixie has started obsessing when Sasha gets taken out to the loo, regardless of who it’s by, and will sit at the window and watch them across the road, pining for her. We stuck a net curtain up to prevent this become a real obsession, and she was sooo unimpressed the first time she realised she couldn’t watch XD


Cuddles ❀ ❀ ❀




Chocolate paws. There’s nothing cuter, I’m sure of it. Other than maybe her chocolate nose πŸ™‚ ❀



3 thoughts on “All about the pics

  1. I. Am. Shocked!
    Holy bananas! The construction company listened to you and even offered help?! My mouth is still hanging open… catching flies… πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    That is so awesome!
    Love Sasha’s chocolate paws 🐾

    • Hahahaha I know right?! XD

      We were absolutely amazed but very thankful! Looking forward to being able to go into town, even if I do look like a prat and all the construction workers will hate me XD

      I really don’t think it gets much cuter than chocolate paws / noses πŸ˜€ I think it stands out more with her as well because the rest of her is white ❀

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