Best night’s sleep

Most nights Sasha has been sleeping about 6 hours with no wake ups (which is incredible for a 12 week old pup!), then she goes out to the loo and we’re up for the day.

The night before last she slept eight hours, with a toilet six hours in, then came inside and fell right back asleep. That night she slept in bed with us.

Last night she slept TWELVE HOURS!!

Six in bed, out to the loo, another six in bed! Wow did I need that, nevermind her XD

So yes, she has finally started sleeping in bed with us (and we have a 3/4 bed, not even a double bed!) which is honestly the nicest thing, and not just that but being in bed seems to be having a huge affect on getting her to sleep more overnight too.

At the moment we have added a footstool to our bed, so we have extra room at the bottom. Pixie sleeps under the covers either between us or between my legs, and Sasha sleeps at the very top above our heads! She quite often buries her face on top or beside of ours, and whilst we do get a few accidental kicks to the face, it is *totally* worth it šŸ˜€

I finally uploaded some videos ^__^

Here I am with Sashy-pants in the back garden working on socialisation with novel things…I mean, it doesn’t get much weirder than a chopped off bit of plastic barrel rolling along the floor does it?! XD

She had NEVER seen this item before, and I hadn’t done anything with it other than lift it down before I started filming…so her reaction was perfect *happy dance*

I was able to progress fairly quickly in what I was doing with the barrel because Sasha was doing so well.

If she had shown any significant signs of fear, I would have kept the barrel far away from her and kept doing small things with it – knocking on it, rolling it a little bit etc. But because she did so well I was able to bring it close, roll it quite a long way etc. šŸ™‚

And a short fairly boring clip from her first trip to the beach yesterday!

We had wanted to let her off lead but there were some bloody sheep about – not only had they escaped from the field (well done farmer…), but they had crossed the stream that swells every time the tide comes in, and had crossed a road!! Bah.

Still a lovely time with the bumbling-clumsy-pup though šŸ™‚

Aand finally, Pixie says: “Uh, mum…just wondering…when is the fluffy beast going to be leaving us so we can get back to normal?!”



Nah, she’s actually doing really really well. In a few minutes we’re heading out on our first ever walk with Kasper and Sasha, because they’ve been doing so well interacting through the baby gate. I also want to have an intro in the house between Raiden and Sasha today, but that will involve shutting Pixie upstairs for a bit because she would just be a nightmare haha!

Also on a walk yesterday, a cat sprinted up and jumped over Raiden, and he was totally nonplussed XD


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