A great day!

Day 5 with Sasha, we’re speeding along πŸ™‚

It’s been SO NEAT watching her confidence grow outdoors, and watching her now taking things in her stride that previously concerned her. Really cool!

Today we had two trips out the house: one walk purely for socialisation, and this afternoon a vet visit. Partly as a general ‘new puppy’ check up, mostly because we thought she had an infection in both ears.

We also played and worked on feeling comfortable in the back garden too, early morning sun photo πŸ™‚



For the first walk we took her to the beach, for her first time ever!

There’s so much construction going on atm in our village, and one bit has a 30ft stretch of very narrow pavement, blocked in by wire fencing, then the entire stretch of road and opposite pavement is closed and covered in workmen drilling, cranes moving, JCBs collecting rubble etc. Insanely noisy, especially because it’s all taking place under a bridge!!

And because of that there are so many bloody massive lorries going past at the moment. Every time we’ve left the house no matter where we are we get at least four going past us as we’re on a narrow pavement – aagh!

We carried Sasha though the roadworks, and she did very well. Practised direction cues and heeling once we put her down, we did lots of people watching, and even played a fun game of ‘run through the scaffolding’ πŸ˜€

Gave her a brief carry, because 5 mins walking per month of age, then she got to explore the beach and we carried her most the way back!

Hey look, first frost of the winter too πŸ™‚


The vet appt was overall very good – a few meh bits that I’d have wanted to avoid for a first vet appt, but you know how vets are…

The main bad bits were having to lift her onto the scales and hold her until she calmed down. It only took a few seconds, then she sat for chicken, but I’d still like to have had time to do some work at home first :/

She weighs 9.5kg btw!

And the other bit was when the vet was checking her ears, using the instrument to look right in them, I had to restrain Sasha’s head. Not exactly a good intro to that. One ear was sore and made her whine, but she was really good and I made it as fun as possible. After she just sat on the table for 10 minutes whilst we spoke with the vet, just sitting and being calm and getting chicken ❀

Oh, I also didn’t like that the vet wanted to see her on the table…slippery high surface before much socialisation, wow thanks guys *sigh*

But as miserable as I’m making it sound Sasha was wonderful, she does have one ear with an infection (other is just dirty!) so has to have anti-biotic drops in the left and cleanser in both, which we were expecting.Really sucks we have to do this before getting to have done much handling work with her, but oh well.

She was fabulous in the waiting room, my partner asked the receptionist to ignore us as it was Sasha’s first visit, and Sasha was very happy exploring, very calm. Afterwards we went to wait in the car park while my partner paid up (Β£55!), so more people watching πŸ™‚

The vet wasn’t worried about the ear infection and said it’s common in floppy eared and hairy breeds (which we knew) but also reassured us that it’s not at all unusual in 12 week old puppies, which we were worried about.

As usual they made out it could potentially be the worst thing ever (it *could* be recurring, it *could* be allergies, it *could* not respond to these drops so we’ll have to try these ones and then after that these ones – yet there was no mention of doing a swab to make sure you know which anti-biotics it would respond to?!)…but I’d already put in a lot of research and found lots of things to try.

I have some things to prevent ear infections and try maintain good ear health, and some stuff to treat ear infections at home too. Oh also, I couldn’t believe this!

The vet said that when Sasha’s older she might need to be brought in for regular sedation so that they can pluck the hairs out of her ears…this is something that all Poodles should have done, and it doesn’t require surgery!!! They made out that plucking ear hairs was something that only Poodles with repeated ear infections need, and that they must be sedated for it to happen.

How scary is it that they recommend that?!?!?

You can read more about Poodle ear care here.

Jeez, I really don’t like vets…anyway, my next immediate plans for socialisation are:

  • Restraint – holding her head, doing so whilst messing about, holding her in weird positions etc
  • The vets – I went to get her back at least once before her check-up in a weeks’ time
  • Busier places – outside supermarkets, walking around town etc.
  • Maybe try get her to meet other dogs on walks (good luck meeting stable dogs around here…)
  • Transport – taxi, bus, whatever
  • Meeting people calmly
  • Visit the train station

And next Tuesday we’re probably starting puppy training classes at our facility πŸ™‚

Good socialisation so far has been, in particular, grooming.

I spent a few days desensitising her to the strimmers and scissors, because obviously this is a big deal in Poodles!! Today I wanted to start clipping small bits of hair off her, but was easily able to clip her all over!

Mostly I used the strimmers, but used the scissors around her ears and eyes too. She was bloody amazing. She lay there, then she slept XD

Also I got so much damn floof off and you practically can’t tell hahahaha


We’re keeping the hair on, under and around her ears really short to try get more air flow to her ear canal, and help stave off future ear infections…this will be alongside weekly cleanings and maybe even a weekly ‘tie your ears up out the way and air them out’ fun time XD

Finally, threeΒ of the harnesses arrived!

The Trixie ones I amΒ really disappointed with. The lavender one is too chunky for Pixie to wear, it doesn’t go small enough even though she’s 5cm over the minimum size, and the blue one (although Sasha fits the girth on almost the SMALLEST setting) it barely fits over her head!!

Definitely won’t fit over her head in about a weeks’ time XD


Huge disappointment, do not recommend the Trixie padded harness…

However the other harness, Sasha’s ‘big girl’ harness, is amazing!!


Looks beautiful, love the colour, has some really nice features, and it comes with bags that you can wear on or take off.


Not bad for Β£8 huh? πŸ˜€

I put it on Sasha, because I wanted to see what it looked like, and omb she’s gonna look great in this!! Just needs to grow some first ^__^


And last but certainly not least, two custom order patches arrived for when she’s older ^__^


Changed the design ever so slightly from last time. I love them!

I have a lot more videos to share, because of course, but blah blah blah, later πŸ˜‰

Random pics of the day!

Little miss needs extra cuddles from both of us to make sure she knows she’s still loved *sigh*



And Pecan. Being Pecan. ❀



3 thoughts on “A great day!

    • It’s scary how many people will just do whatever their vets / Drs recommend…I find the vet stuff especially scary because some of the things they recommend or information they give out can actually be dangerous. Really hoping Sasha doesn’t have recurrent ear problems, but we’ll just have to see as she grows πŸ™‚

      Hahaha oh I have a feeling someone’s going to look pretty damn hilarious!

      • After I commented… I was reminded of a song (with an accompanying ‘dance’) I learned as a child…
        Do your ears hang low?
        Do the wobble to and fro?
        Can you tie them in a knot?
        Can you tie them in a bow?
        Can you throw them over your shoulder, like a continental soldier?
        Do your ears hang low?

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