Poodle puppy day 2 photography!

I couldn’t help it.

I just had to take some photos of Sasha using my good camera, even if the editing would make me ill…I can’t miss out on having good puppy photos of her, that would just be way too sad!

And I’m glad I’ve done it, because these are lovely and I’ll treasure them forever ^__^




Day 2 today, her second full day here, and already we are forming such a great bond with her. Look, look at that face *cries with love*


Sasha was sick early this morning, just froth, so we thought maybe it was hunger pukes – we’ve had a lot of pups have this, most notably young Kasper, and Sash is a skinny gangly girl!!

She was fine all day but then was sick a second time about an hour ago, this time there was food in it. So I guess we’re introducing too many new foods at once for the notoriously sensitive puppy tummy, that combined with stress of a new home which can also cause upset tummies…plain kibble for her from now on, with plain cooked chicken for treats 🙂


I finally got some photos that show how beautiful and unusual the colouring of her eyes is…they’re more greenish in person, but isn’t the light brown cool?!


Also check out Pixie in the background, chilling so perfectly during morning play and training with Sasha 🙂


Remember, this puppy is 12 weeks old. WOW!!



And Pixie is playing reliably now, albeit terribly…getting Sasha to chase her, but then freezing and not moving, but when Sasha walks away running and getting in her face to get her to chase her again. Totally teaching Sasha dreadful manners (ie. bark in my face and play with me when I look uncomfortable because that’s actually what I want), so I’m barely letting them play and will rely more on Kasper and Rey for appropriate play, plus any other dogs we meet that are okay on walks.

Still only one accident in the house. Huzzah!

And I’d like to leave you with this, my favourite-est thing ever XD



6 thoughts on “Poodle puppy day 2 photography!

    • I’ve had a much better today and really got to get some fun play and training sessions in ^__^

      Today we nailed sit, touch, she knows her name, a positive interrupter and we’ve had some off lead walks…OH she did her first sit outdoors (in the dark no less!!) which I was soo impressed with 😀

      To be honest she’s one of the easiest dogs we’ve ever acquired, despite her age. She’s so chilled. I’m not saying that won’t change in the coming weeks hahaha, but for now if anyone’s being a pain it’s Pixie (whingey, jealous, her frantic play teaching Sasha bad manners etc) but we’ll get there 🙂

      • Wow that’s seriously impressive, great work and she’s learning so quick 😀
        That’s brilliant that she’s so easy going, hopefully it keeps up! Aww wee Pixie she will definitely get there as it’s only early days yet 🙂

      • We got off to a bad start because we didn’t have any chicken in, and because she had a dicky tummy due to introducing too many new foods, I only had kibble to train with so she wasn’t very excited…chicken has us both working our butts off though haha 😀

        She’s hilarious to train and even when she’s excited about chicken she’s so bloody calm! Obviously I’m comparing her to Rey at 12 weeks and the difference is night and day, I love her 😀

        I think Pixie shot herself in the foot because she’s done so much better than either of us expected, so now we’re expecting too much of her hahaha!! I think it’s gonna be a pretty smooth intro between everyone though which is awesome (that’s me shooting myself in the foot there!) 🙂

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