Let’s make puppyhood hard!

My body hates me today.

Absence seizures, then an aura for a big seizure which involved a huge headache, followed of course by the big seizures, then I had a nap and apparently my neck wasn’t happy in the position I slept in, so I woke with an even worse headache and neck ache. Bah! Taken some Codeine but still feeling awful *insert swear words here*

So the first day of puppy ownership has been shit as I’ve been in a ton of pain, but it’s been fab from a puppy stand point!!

Sasha has been amazing. We haven’t done much, because seizures and pain, but we’ve worked on sit a tiny tiny bit, walked the dogs together, Sasha’s gone off lead for the first time, and she’s just generally settling in really well.

I did want to start intro’ing the boys but I’ve been so ill my partner’s just given them extra walks and we’ve kept them separated in the kitchen *sigh* There’s always tomorrow, and it’s not the end of the world if we have to wait a few days for intros…

Sash has had one accident in the house (a wee) which is great, and omb she’s hilarious when she gets into play mode and this big floofy body with these huge cumbersome paws bounds about everywhere XD

Earlier today I actually had four fur-kids surrounding me on the couch ^__^


Omb the flooof ^__^ ❤

I’ve stroked Poodles before, but I don’t know if it’s because she’s a puppy but she’s soooo soft and fluffy!!


The cats are doing great with her. Pecan literally doesn’t do anything no matter what she does, Enzo will hiss and whack if she surprises him (if he turns around and she’s there!!) or if she sniffs him too long. Today she was lying on Pecan chewing toys XD


And everyone else 🙂





5 thoughts on “Let’s make puppyhood hard!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the seizures. My dad had them too. Glad to see you are surrounded with “floofy” love. In fact for a while my friends teased me about calling my dog a “floof” so I’m glad someone else is pet-crazy enough to make up doggy terminology too! 🙂

    • Lots of floofy love in our house haha 😀

      I’m always making up my own idiotic nicknames for my pets! When I lived at my parents house I referred to my flock of hens as my “chuckens” or my “cluckens” XD

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