I’m scared and nervous and excited

Tonight my partner was supposed to be going to view puppies that are five weeks old (Labradors, two different litters!), when we contacted a breeder who has had a 12 week old Standard Poodle puppy returned.

The family of the puppy have all been health tested and have wonderful results (hip score of the parents 8 on one side, 9 on the other – average of this breed is 15), there are three generations of registered therapy dogs in the puppy’s immediate family, the puppy is fully vaccinated and it already went to a home where it was in a working role (helping a physically disabled child but the mother was allergic). Like, for what we want it just doesn’t get any better than that.

So we contacted the breeder and she was lovely. And the upshot is that my partner and our friend are driving to visit them tonight (this puppy is out of the area we were looking in, but it would be so worth it!) and if the breeder likes us, the puppy will be coming home.

To say I am excited is a huge understatement, but I am also terrified that the breeder might not think we are good enough, and obviously as I can’t go I’m just going to be sat at home waiting to hear if we have her or not!!!!

I don’t really know how much I should be sharing – colour of the pup, the name we have picked out?! Or would that just make it worse if we’re declined…?

I’m one big bag of nerves, tears and excitement 🙂

And to top it off, I went to take a photo of my happy-face when we found out the news, and forgot flash was turned on on my phone – it seems camera flash triggers big seizures every single time, so I took this happy photo then had several seizures hahaha!

Anyway. Photos from today…


Big smile 🙂

Pecan has been an extreme snuggle bug today. Normally he’s too busy goofballing to sit still for love!


Pixie trying out new pillows that arrived today XD



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