Sleep and puppy update

Yesterday was an awful awful day.

Something to do with benefits set me off in the morning, so I was a paranoid wreck, stressing over money and an assessment, and then all that lead to seizures. I was foggy headed all day, but there are a few periods or things I remember doing. I had absence seizures on and off all day and was just knackered.

I fell asleep mid afternoon and basically slept 4pm-6am, with a few awake moments where I took a dog to the loo or possibly ate something. Oh I had a seizure whilst eating yesterday, which we laughed about.

I also felt really physically unwell yesterday, but have no idea if that was entirely thanks to the seizures or stress.

Anyway, here I am after around 12-13 hours sleep and I feel so much better ^__^

Photos of yesterday anyway



She alerted me to a seizure in the house, when I was home alone. Good Job Pooza!


This was my view yesterday. I felt so miserable lying looking out at this gorgeous weather, wanting to be out there XD



I have some pics of Bubba to share from the day before too, and even some training! For now though here’s a beautiful sunset 🙂


Edit – the bf here!

Just a quick addition: today isn’t off to a good start with a spaced out head and four absence seizures. We are meeting up with Ally’s Nana for a few hours this afternoon and we’re worried about how that’s going to go – this is the first person she has seen other than me or our friend in months, and the first family member we will have seen since the seizures became more obvious. We’re a little concerned as to how this is going to go.

I also want to make this announcement as we’re not sure if Ally will be up to sharing this big news today seeing as the start is already not going very well. It’s fallen in my hands to let everyone know that tomorrow a friend and I will be going to visit a litter of Labrador puppies, and if all goes well I will  be putting a deposit down on one and in three weeks time a little fluffy puppy will be coming home.

Ally is obviously very upset as she won’t be able to come visit the puppies because she is too unwell, or pick out which puppy will be her assistance dog, and I’m nervous because it’s a lot of responsibility on my shoulders! Visiting Raiden at 4 and 6 weeks old was one of our favourite memories to make so it is sad Ally can’t come visit the pups, but I’m sure she will make it up with hugs when the puppy comes home!

I will leave this now as I’m sure she will talk more later, if anybody could share or donate to our campaign that would be amazing


4 thoughts on “Sleep and puppy update

    • Haha she’s crazy small…I’ve gotten used to her size now but when I see her walking next to me in photos I can’t believe how tiny she looks 😀

    • Thank you ^__^ Hahaha I put a lot of time into teaching her the camera wasn’t scary and she got treats for looking at it…she loves having her photo taken now because she knows treats will follow!! 😀

      She was *terrified* of cameras pointing at her and having her photo taken at first, so I think it’s been an awesome transformation – I love taking pics of my pups!

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