Awake from a nap: time to blog

I’ve discovered two things recently:

  1. If my body says it is tired, at all, I need to drop what I’m doing immediately and try to sleep. One of my biggest triggers for seizures seems to be not enough sleep or feeling tired; after a nap I generally feel my best and they’ve also staved off seizures several times
  2. I need to accept that I get tired after seizures or after doing the simplest things, and that’s okay

That last point can be hard to swallow.

I met my Nana today, I was only with her for an hour and a half, and an hour of that was just sitting at our house chatting and playing games…yet after she left, I was asleep in less than an hour, and I needed a couple hours sleep. All I could think as I getting increasingly tired was ‘BUT I DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING!!’

Losing a few hours due to a nap is way better than losing an entire day to seizures, risking injury etc…I just need to stop trying to push through and think ‘oh okay, let’s hit pause until I got some sleep in me!’

I think today was particularly annoying because I slept so much last night, but whatever, sleep is good and sleep is important πŸ˜€

However, I did meet up with my Nana today which involved a) me meeting a family member for the first time in months, and the first time since my seizures have gotten really bad, and b) Pixie dealing with a stranger in the house.

My Nana got the train up (this is the first time she’s done this, she wanted to bring my birthday gifts god bless her ❀ ) so we met her at the station, walked her back to ours, then my partner went in and grabbed Pixie whilst we sat on a bench and waited. We went on a 10 min walk with Pixie, then came back home and sat about with Pixie on my partner’s lap.

I was a little concerned about this intro; Pixie absolutely hates older people, they really scare her, and my Nana is a huge dog lover so I knew ignoring PIxie would be very hard.

But it went as well as it could have, Pixie rocked so hard even when my Nana was looking at her, the few times she spoke to her etc. Pixie was nervous on the walk (some cowering away from where my Nana was, lots of lip licking etc), and initially in the house on my partner’s knee she was nervous, but by the end of the hour she was lying on his lap completely conked out sleeping XD

What a great day and experience for both of us ^__^

My NanaΒ got me the most amazing fleecey dressing gown for my birthday, and me, Enzo and Pixie have thoroughly enjoyed snuggling under and on that as we relax and doze!



This is how everyone was when I woke from a nap!


There’s a dog and cat under here with me!!


(speaking of Enzo I am concerned his pectus is getting worse – there’s not really any physical symptoms, but his belly-shape has changed, I think because he’s so much bigger so obviously his organs are bigger too, and his ribs are so deformed. You can feel a large lump in his belly which I guess is an organ…he’s fine in himself, maybe a little sleepier than usual, but still a real soppy puss who wants lots of love!)

Today Pixie was left alone for 20 minutes and she *aced* it. My partner said when he got back home she was so chilled (sometimes she jumps up and even barks when we get back out of excitement) and the entire time we were gone she was just emptying the various puzzle toys we left with her πŸ˜€

Random photos before I start talking about exciting puppy stuffs…


This is a luggage tag and obviously not work-dog related, but just to get those idiots to keep away from Pixie!




So I know my partner already announced this in his edit of the last post, but tomorrow he and our friend are going to look at a litter of 5 week old Labrador puppies to see if everyone thinks one could work out as my future seizure alert & assistance dog.

I can’t even put into words how absolutely gutted I am at not being able to go (waaaah πŸ˜₯ ) but I just keep telling myself it’s okay, it’s not the end of the world, only 3 weeks wait!!

I set up a puppy pen today. This will most likely be where the Lab pup will sleep, and will also be the time out pen during the day – if Pixie won’t leave the pup alone or vice a versa, they will go in there.

It also provides space for one-on-one or cool down activities (eg. puzzle feeders) and it’ll be great for Pixie to go in there with a Kong whilst I’m doing training with the puppy – don’t want too many distractions whilst the little one’s too young!!

I wanted to set it up early so Pixie could get used to it, and be confident going and being in there.


The trainer who carried out the assessment with Pixie the other night gave me some great ideas of things the new dog can do to help once fully trained – from alerting to seizures to pulling me to quiet spots before I fit, turning me on my side to help prevent choking, licking away drool (yeah gross I know πŸ˜› ), grounding when I start to come around and bracing as I stand. That’s *just* to help with the seizure part too!!

I am excited, really πŸ™‚ I can’t wait until I can get out for proper days out again (I haven’t left our village/town in soooo long!),although I won’t be able to safely do that until the pup is probably 9-18 months old…but by 4-6 months the pup should be able to manage short medical appts, short trips out around shops etc πŸ˜€

And obviously up until then I’ll be kept busy with training, socialisation, training classes etc…it’s gonna be so good, I hope!

I already have a name picked out too, which I’ll maybe share with puppy photos hopefully tomorrow, if I feel it definitely suits him! We loved Roman and Rowan, but felt they were too similar to Raiden…I’m really really happy with what we’ve picked now though too ^__^

Now I was going to share those damn photos of Kasper from the other night, but again I have waffled too long and this post definitely doesn’t need to be longer hahaha! Tomorrow is puppy day too so I’ve no idea when I’ll fit them in XD

Thanks for the support as ever guys, I’ve made some awesome friends through this blog and am grateful for every person that reads.


4 thoughts on “Awake from a nap: time to blog

    • Hahaha I love when the pets ‘catch’ my sleep, nothing better than napping with a fur-kid ^__^

      My Nana’s the best. I haven’t gotten to see her much at all these past few years because she can only visit when my parents drive up, but she braved the train for the first time today and said it was an easy journey. And if it all works out with an assistance dog we can get the train and meet her half way too πŸ™‚

      Thank you! I’m really excited about it all now, maybe a little nervous about training absolutely everything from scratch, but I relish dog training so it should be really fun ^__^

  1. Take care of yourself first–and if you feel sleepy follow the wisdom your body is telling you. I’m glad you’re going for a medical assistance dog. It’s just what you need.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m having much more sleep than I ever have before, but even I can tell that it’s really helping, so any time I feel even remotely tired I stop what I’m doing and hit the pillow!

      I might actually be getting a pup tonight, it’s like the clouds parted and this light has shone down on me, and out of nowhere the perfect puppy is available – I’m scared because it’s not 100% definite yet but I really really hope it all works out!! It’s a long story but I’m writing a post explaining it all now ^__^

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