Today is great so far!

What’s this, a good day?! Maybe πŸ™‚

Woke up to kisses from Pixie. I can’t stomach her kisses most the time, her tongue is so little and hot and ugh (hahaha). But occasionally her kisses are very much appreciated, and kisses and cuddles to start the day is always a good thing ^__^


Secondly our newΒ service dog lead arrived, yayayayayay!!

We bought this with some of our GoFundMe donations, so thank you! We also have on the way a ‘Medical Alert Dog’ ID tag, which has Pixie’s name, my name and my partner’s phone number on it AND a lead sleeve that says in training on it πŸ™‚

Currently this is our gear though, although the harness pictured is Pixie’s smaller harness for shorter trips out


We headed out on a walk pretty much straight away, and despite it being a Sunday town was SO BUSY!!!

When we’re walking in a really busy place I tone my training with Pixie right down – I don’t want to overwhelm her so when we’re somewhere busy I don’t ask anything of her and simply reward any good behaviours she offers. This works REALLY WELL πŸ™‚

Today she walked in a heel almost all the time, she automatically followed my directional cues (moving off the pavement, stopping when I stop) and she waited to cross the road when asked.




I absolutely love these photos my partner took of us too πŸ™‚

We stopped in a little square bit, it’s very secluded and we’ve never seen anyone else use it, but there are distraction on every side – extremely busy main road, two supermarkets and car parks etc. Perfect place to chill and watch the world go by, and maybe do a little training!

I really adore these pics…I can see how happy I am in them and Pixie’s face melts my heart ^__^ ❀



Oh also I changed my walking belt!

I took off the big treat bag because it wasn’t ideal for assistance dog training,it was just too bulky. Plus because Pixie is so tiny we don’t use so many treats. I dug out an old purse I had from when I was about 13 and superglued it to the belt, for treats, and I’ve ordered a little kid’s zip-shut purse that I’m gonna have poo bags and a bit of spare change in. My emergency details and Pixie’s ID is in the health kit, which is just clipped to my belt, or in my rucksack if I have that with us.


Pixie’s doing so good with the cue to get on my lap, and it’s utterly adorable. One of my favourite behaviours and it’s so simple haha. Video evidence of the cuteness though πŸ˜‰

Entire walk no seizures, boo yah!

Back home my good mood had me all productive -I have missed this energy and feeling that I can and *want* to do things!! – so we got Brawny bun out, and then I made some more stuff out of the Sugru!

I finished off the art from yesterday, because I needed the yellow for something else anyway πŸ™‚


I made a hook for my training bag right by the door, so I won’t forget it (the rucksack has some toys in to play with out in the world, a lead to extend the service dog one for flirt pole fun, poo bags, spare dry treats, and Pixie’s mat)


And here’s the treat pot holder, I’m going to be using the final pack of Sugru today and adding some bits to it to try make it a little sturdier too…I don’t think it’d break, but my head likes to worry about inane things like that XD



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