I’m an artist!

Yesterday was a pretty meh day, but not entirely due to seizures.

I had some bad seizures last night though. My partner was taking photos of Pixie playing next to me, and the flash on the camera triggered such a seizure…wth?! Flash – wow that was awful. Flash 2 – oh no…

Afterwards I cried because I can’t have photos taken of me with flash anymore and “I’ll just be a dark blob”…hahaha I am such a wreck before and after seizures. I say the weirdest things sometimes.

I came around like this. My partner was amazing, there to comfort and bundle me in a sleeping bag, and Pixie just being Pixie XD



Anywho. My highlight of the day was making wall art 😀

For my birthday my partner bought me this futuristic stuff that’s like a combination of glue and rubber. You can use it to repair broken wires, create a new handle for a cooking pot etc…it’s bizarre but awesome stuff!

He got me a pack of different colours, you get about 8 small sashays for £12, and I have so enjoyed thinking of how to use it. I made a little rail to hang a treat pot on (one pack used to create two little nubs and another to create a thin band going between them that the pot clips onto) and I was going to create a stand for a picture frame to sit on when I had a great idea…wall art!

Behold, my dog themed art XD


Two packs of blue, one pack of red – we had *just* enough!!


I really love it! I foresee a future where our room is coated in colourful quotes XD


That was really fun, I might have to start looking into clay-type modelling stuffs 😀

Rey’s new harness arrived a few days ago too. It was a no-brand harness from ebay and cost £8 – it’s a bloody awesome harness!! I was not expecting that *at all*, but not only does it look amazing but the design’s great too.

And of course Rey looks completely adorable in it 😀





Finally – working on Pixie offering heeling and focus around distractions 🙂

The awesome thing about this is a) how many distractions there were here, and b) the fact I wasn’t asking for any of this…there were no verbal cues, no “ah ah, pay attention to me!” moments, nothing like that. Pixie could wander to the end of her lead with no arguments from me, but she was *choosing* to walk beside me and offer attention 🙂

And the distractions were all the people and cars by the main road, the road we were walking up was new, we hardly ever walk there, and the area ahead where you can see roadworks was packed with construction vehicles and workmen!


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