Taking a break

I’m going to be leaving the blog, possibly only for a little little while, IDK.

My mood is too low to write anything useful or interesting, I don’t have the motivation to do anything and blogging isn’t bringing me the enjoyment it used to. I feel like an empty husk and I can’t do anything at the moment, if it isn’t my mood being dangerously low it’s I’m feeling okay but then lose an entire day to over a dozen seizures.

I can’t force myself to feel good or do things or keep up blogging or anything anymore. I’m just gonna take time off, and be miserable. The fact it is my birthday in two days is honestly heartbreaking, because I don’t remember ever feeling worse than this.

I doubt I’ll be gone for too long at all but I’m so tired of struggling to write posts and have them come out reading like shit.

As ever, if you could share our campaign please do, a service dog would honestly change my life so much and every share and donation is hugely appreciated. Thanks all.



12 thoughts on “Taking a break

    • Thank you, I’m going to try still be about and keep up with others’ blogs, I just won’t be posting much…which is probably for the best seeing as it messes with my head so much!

    • Thanks Kate, we’ve cancelled the doc appt. Just not up to it. Hopefully will be able to get one within the next 6 months with the new pup.

    • Thanks you, I’ll still be trying to keep up with everybody else’s blogs (if they actually come up on my feed!) I just won;t be posting much.

  1. I don’t blame you, I don’t know how you post so often anyway! You’ve got to look after your health first, not pleasing a bunch of people on the internet no matter how wonderful we all are 😉 No point doing something when you’re not enjoying it so take a break and pop on back when you want to blog. Don’t rush it.

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