Pixie, Rey & I feel ill

Today has been an awful seizure day 😦

I’ve had a few days just having spacey seizures, where I don’t feel too bad afterwards and come around fairly quick…today I had a BIGGIE.

I was home alone too, ugh. My partner was out toileting Rey and I don’t remember what happened but I was just about coming around when he got back and I’d dropped my laptop or it fell or whatever and damaged it uuuuugh.

Seizure was over an hour ago, possibly two, and I feel really really spacey and nauseous still and I don’t know if I’m going to have another…bleh. I’m tired too *yawn*

Ah well.

I had a lovely time with Pixie and Rey earlier. I love Rey to bits, he is such a gorgeous dog, like he is just so adorable and never minds anything. He’s constantly happy and his kisses are the cutest 🙂

If you missed our announcement in the previous post check it out too, mucho excitement! And I’m not gonna type much more because bleh, but these photos are too cute ^__^





Pixie forces her way under his toy to get his attention on her hahahaha


Her face!!!




We all snuggled and chilled together 🙂


God I feel so sick. I don’t want to have another seizure because my partner’s gone to get food and I am alone again…bloody hell. Zonked out brain, wake up and stop being stoop[id!!!

Oh oh I dropped glue on Pixie the other day and assumed it would just flake off…it didn’t and her gluey fur felt gross, so I snipped it off and look hahhaa 😀



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