Most stressful day EVER

In a nut shell…

All but three of our mice were very ill (I will explain below), my psychosis has been really bad, and I had a seizure out on a dog walk in the middle of town whilst walking Pixie.


So to go into more detail about the mice, it seems what happened (as they have acted fine ever since) was that they all got too cold too quickly, and the sudden temperature change caused huge issues.

Last night we had Pecan & Enzo on longlines in harnesses, and we tied the longlines to a coat stand by our window, had a table outside the window, and the cats could go in and out as they pleased and enjoy the outside world and explore our small front garden. Awesome, they had so much fun!!!

They were only doing it for an hour, then they came in and we shut the window. That was at about 12am (because we wanted the outside world to be quiet), and at that time we saw lots of mice whizzing about, running on wheels etc.

We checked on the mice this morning, and Alexa & Carmella were sleeping in one of the hides under the water bottle, and all the babies were in a heap in the middle of the cage.

None of the babies were moving, not even when I stroked and moved them, and they were all cold to the touch. The mums were also slow, sluggish etc. We spent several minutes trying to rouse any of them, and couldn’t. We had no idea what was wrong to begin with, but my instant reaction was to bundle everybody into a hat together and stick them under my clothes to get heat into them.

This began working, and after 20 minutes under there with regular checks, everyone was acting much much better.

We returned them to the cage after a very stressful half an hour, and added a load of nesting material to the cage – loads of toilet roll and some face cloths. It certainly wasn’t too cold in the house for mice (even baby mice – we were comfortable in t-shirts!), but I think the sudden temperature change caused something akin to shock?!

They weren’t near the draft or open window, but that’s literally all I can think of.

So everyone has been running about and eating since, but I guess we’re probably not out of the woods yet and we’re watching everyone closely…bloody hell that was stressful!!

Today has been horribly stressful in a few other ways, so I’ve had a spacey seizure head all day that I attributed to the stress.

We were walking Pixie into town to do some training and because it’s an easy place to walk with the nights drawing in. We got into town and at this point I’m barely functioning, and although I’m walking fine I can’t talk to alert my partner to what’s happening.

Finally he realises I’m messed up, and after some questions I can’t answer he susses it’s a seizure. He leads me to a bench, Pixie trailing on my lead belt haha, and he sat me down closest to a wall and tree, and we just waited it out.

Since starting to have seizures my biggest fear has been having one in public…well that was the perfect easing in haha, it was only the walk back that was a nightmare!!

So that sucked. This photo was when I made her sit still during her rainy-after-walk-zoomies hahahahaha 😀


On her morning walk she managed to walk past a dog on the other side of the road with no reaction, just standing and watching for a minute (fine with me!).

She was also able to come away from two approaching people she was scared of with just a verbal cue, and the one time she huffed (even then just once) was at an old man with a strange gait, walking up the middle of the road with a huge black umbrella…fair enough 😉


We also had a Zooplus delivery arrive today, nothing much exciting, just A LOT of cat food and a few dog chews 🙂

We bought a sample tray of really posh cat food to try with the boys, the ingredients were awesome, and as soon as I got the cans out Enzo was right over sniffing and licking the lid!!


Isn’t the packaging cute? 🙂



3 thoughts on “Most stressful day EVER

  1. Boo for the stressful day but yay for the good stuff (and cute packaging)

    Your post just reminded me – bought the Springer Spaniel one of those anti-gulp bowls today and cried with laughter at the look on her face when I put it down with her food in. Will record and post if I remember in the morning.

    • Thanks 🙂 Oh which sort of anti gulp bowl is it?? I really want one of those green spiky ones for my pups, I tried a more standard looking bowl with divots in, and it worked well. We also use a lot of puzzle feeders for our pups which work really well, you know ones like the Kong Wobbler?

      • Hi – we got one of the cheaper, standard bowls for Cass to try “Pets at Home” but posting link to similar ones that act as as 2-in-1 type of food bowl and puzzle toy.

        Bought a couple of the puzzle feeders / brain activity toys for my youngest when she was a puppy but it didn’t take her two minutes to suss it out and getbored so rather than spend money on more toys we got creative and made our own from things lying around the house.

        Off the top of my head I can’t actually remember what we made or what we used but egg cartons, cardboard tubes and empty milk cartons with treats inside and the top replaced kept her busy for a bit but then she sussed how to take off caps and lids in ten seconds so again.. back to being creative.

        What she really does love (and this sounds awful and like she’s starvging and neglected) is getting your empty crips packets or sandwich wrappers from McDonalds etc.

        I roll them up into tiny, tightly packed balls, throw them for her and she’ll spend ages rolling on it, nibbling and pawing / ripping it up and then rolling on it again etc. Not bothered about what’s inside but loves the process of getting into it and finding the odd few crumbs when she does.

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