Day 1: Ruffwear Webmaster harness

It arrived! ^__^

As a recap, I don’t like Ruffwear as a company. I was a huge advocate for the first year of having a Front Range harness, but when we bought a second for a different dog, it began to break and fray in a few months.

I contacted the company and they sent out a replacement, but the exact same thing happened, only this one couldn’t be used after just a few weeks! The company said at the time they had never had this issue reported before, but at a later date told me it was a known fault.

I was not impressed.

However I like the Webmaster (see previous post for the why’s!). Our sparkling new harness arrived and oooh it looked so snazzy 🙂

The most notable uses of the Ruffwear harness are usually touted as support for tripod dogs or dogs with mobility issues, and being totally escape-proof for houdini dogs. However it can of course be used for hiking and all sorts of other day-to-day activities 🙂

I’m not doing a full review of it yet because, obviously, we’ve only had it one day. I just wanted to share photos because yay exciting!!


Pixie was utterly miserable having this harness put on, but thankfully even though it’s an absolute pain in the arse to fit, I managed to guess her size pretty well. This meant it only needed minor adjustments and I could do them with it on her.


In need of adjustment!

When the harness arrived I looked at the length of the strap that would go between her front legs and thought ‘uh oh, that is so not long enough…’ however upon wearing it it actually needed shortening a fair bit!

As soon as the harness was properly fitted I patched it up 😀


If a moron tries to approach us now, I can at least point at the patches and walk off in silence XD

The other side is currently bare as I’m waiting on a patch to arrive from America to pretty that side up 🙂

Wearing the harness turned Pixie into a miserable slug, she just lay with her squinty eyes and didn’t move. This lasted all day, she barely moved.

Eventually I prodded her out on a walk,. and once we got the lead attached she decided the harness was actually no problem at all.


Also wasn’t it a beautiful night tonight?! 😀

I had a bit of a seizure fest today, and just had them on and off for an hour. I was totally out of it. I came around to Pixie licking my hands and lying like this, which was just a little bit adorable 😉


Also last night we discovered another bar had broken on the Furet Plus cage when we spotted Lotus and Pan climbing the OUTSIDE of the bars XD

I ordered a nice little cage from Zooplus that cost £55, then found a gigantic RUB on ebay for £19…so obviously I cancelled the cage and we just bought the RUB!

For now the non-mummy girls are in a spare ‘boy’ cage, and the RUB should arrive in the next few days…I’m excited to set the new cage up 🙂

Here are photos of the escapees!


Still has eyes on her mum ^__^ ❤



4 thoughts on “Day 1: Ruffwear Webmaster harness

  1. I like ruffwear-in general, though I think it’s more for sports and so on than everyday use (for small dogs). They used to be really good quality, too (though some of my friends told me they were disappointed, so I’m not entirely sure now)

    • The Webmaster certainly has it’s niches (eg. tripod dogs, houdinis etc) and they have a lot of other specialised gear, but the Front Range is a solid everyday walking harness – or would be if I hadn’t entirely gone off them due to the fault 😀

      The Webmaster feels extremely well made, it’s so solid and there’s a lot of stitching, padding etc. We’ll just have to see how long it lasts but I’m not sure how much I’d want a Front Range again :/

      • I do want to try a Hurtta as I’ve heard good things about them. We have a Zero DC Short for Kasper which I LOVE, but it doesn’t come in small enough sizes for the other two, aaagh! Rey has an EzyDog Quick Fit because he is easy with any harness haha and Pixie has a dozen harness with various uses and comfort levels 😛

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