New gear, new trick

I present Pixie’s fantastic progress with using a scratch board:

I spent weeks trying to get her to offer the digging / scratching behaviour and it just wasn’t clicking – finally we had a breakthrough πŸ™‚

Gotta get those talons down, I hate them so much!!

Playing with a squeaker the other day. Obviously the best toy ever πŸ˜‰

Awww, that face man πŸ™‚

Autumn is here, so obviously I propped a leaf against her side hahaha! Isn’t that leaf a lovely shape though?



Finally, my most exciting announcement, I have a Ruffwear Webmaster harness arriving on Monday πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I do not like Ruffwear as a company. I used to be a huge fan of them and loved their Front Range harness, but then we bought an orange one which broke ridiculously quickly, and when I contacted the company, the replacements they sent out had the same issue too. They later said this was a known fault, even though when I first asked they said nobody else had reported an issue.


So why am I buying a Webmaster??

I’ve mentioned before we have a service dog style vest on the way, just a bog standard cape one to put patches on. The Webmaster would be another version of this, but with added perks:

  • This is known as being THE MOST secure harness on the market, and great for houdini dogs – this is a great bonus even if Pixie has only actually backed out of a harness once (she did get a leg out another time though!!)
  • You can get a reeeaaally good fit. A lot of Dachshund owners recommend this harness for the breed as it fits even long-bodied dogs well, Pixie is only half dachshund and we’ve still had issues with the majority of harnesses fitting her!
  • It’s red, which is an awesome colour for medical alert stuffs…also red has become our colour, accidentally! Red and black lead, red harness, red and white/black patches haha πŸ˜›
  • The handle on the back. This is a HUGE bonus because we so often bump into moronic people, children, and aggressive dogs. The other night we saw TWO off lead dogs onΒ the main road – seriously?! The handle would make an emergency lift much easier
  • Because of the shape of the harness, there’s actually more room for patches on this than on her service dog cape. So.
  • Comfort. This should be much comfier to wear than the cape with standard nylon straps

Here is a photo of a Chihuahua wearing a Webmaster harness for demonstration purposes (obviously not my photo πŸ˜‰ )

All in all it just makes sense to use, and will definitely be preferred for longer days or big hikes. The cape will be useful for shorter trips out, especially as it’s a lot easier to put on…but I’m so excited for the Webmaster to get here πŸ˜€

It cost Β£47 that we don’t have (oops. Take it out of my birthday gifts XD ) but that was a lot cheaper than most places were selling it for – it would have cost Β£65 from Ruffwear themselves!! And on top of that postage was free and it has a guaranteed delivery date of this coming Monday – I only ordered it today!

Mucho excitement πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “New gear, new trick

  1. Yay go Pixie! Love how you taught it using the bit of food underneath to encourage scratching – super impressive! Pixie is going to look adorable in her new harness and I can’t wait to see it all bling-ed up with her patches (don’t bother answering my question in my other comment cause I hadn’t seen this post then). It should give a pretty good fit as the strap from the neck to the belly strap is adjustable too like the red dingo harness so will be great for no armpit rubbing!

    • Oh god it took me so long to figure out a way that she offered the scratching and understood what I wanted…first I tried hiding treats on the floor under a bathmat, but that didn’t work, so I then had the treat under a fly swatter (because she’d be able to smell it easier through the mesh?!) and although it worked better, she still wasn’t really getting it…then we had a few weeks break and tried a new method, and what do you know I think we’ve had a breakthrough πŸ˜€

      Haha I’m ridiculous excited!!! I’m not sure how Pixie will feel about me putting it on (she still sulks at harness time but is waaay better than she used to be), so I hope it doesn’t take too long to get the fit right πŸ˜€

      • Love all the different ideas you had, very ingenious! At lot of times that bit of a break from trying a trick seems to be all that’s need to get a bit of progress on it which is the ironic thing!

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