Alert alert!

**Ugh, before I start on the actual blog, my partner just got back from walking Rey and a dog snapped at him and caught his face 😥

The dog was a JRT and was with a builder who had just left his aggressive dog off lead on a road!! Thankfully Raiden wasn’t injured, and after bringing him back my partner was able to go get the company’s name, license plate etc **

Poor Rey, I am SO SICK of dick head dog owners in this area. My partner’s on the phone to the dog warden reporting it now…

Ugh. So glad it wasn’t any worse.

Earlier we managed a good walk with Pixie.

There are always moments where she is really hit and miss in her responsiveness; on her best walks she doesn’t put a foot wrong,  on worse walks she’ll be less responsive in general and blow me off a handful of times.

Today she rocked most the walk, we had a few bits where she’d snub a treat or try get away without sitting on cue, but mostly she was fab. Then we got to the play park, and the funniest thing ever happens.

At first we had some amazing training, but then she found what was apparently the world’s best sniff and was just repeatedly ignoring me. As much as I try squash my irritability, today it was not happening, so I went and sat down to try cool off and fight down the rising anxiety too.

I’m sat for maybe ten seconds and then Pixie starts repeatedly alerting, either to my spike in anxiety or my anger, who knows, but…REALLY PIXIE, YOU THINK?! :rolling:


“Mum alert alert, you’re stressed!!”

So that was pretty damn hilarious. And to be fair to her it did cheer me up instantly and make me laugh 😀 (also I love this photo)


After that we were back on track with training and did a lot of focus work.




We even did sit-stay-focus during off lead fun time 🙂


And I’m sorry but…aren’t these two just sooo adorable? 🙂 ❤



Every time I look at those last two photos I get warm fuzzies inside ^__^


11 thoughts on “Alert alert!

    • I feel like my village is overrun with dick head dog owners, tonight we walked into town and there were two separate off lead dogs on THE MAIN ROAD!! Wth?! Gah! Raiden seems to be fine and my partner reassured me that he really didn’t mind about the other dog snapping at him, and just did a wag and play bow, bless him 🙂

    • Ugh, I know right?! I couldn’t believe it when my partner came back and told me what had happened, and to my poor little happy go lucky boy too!! Thank you 🙂

    • Yeah totally, my poor little nugget. I’m glad it was him for the same reason, but bless him! I’m so glad my partner got the company name so we could report them properly, and hopefully the builder will never bring his aggressive dog to work again :/

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