A painful day

I’ve had a headache and felt exhausted all day today, despite sleeping so much overnight :/

Finally took some paracetamol, then some codeine, and it went away…four hours later I feel a seizure coming on. Fuck my life. I’m not stopping blogging even if it might help, I am tired of having all this shit control what I do. Screw it.

A new toy I bought for Pixie arrived today, and she has another arriving tomorrow. How cute is this though 😀


Little grenade for the little dog with the explosive personality 😀

She’s really enjoying it, despite me thinking it didn’t look that ‘fun’ when it arrived. In fact she’s chewing it on my lap as I type!!

She also got a pigs’ ear, my partner gave her it while I went upstairs, to keep her occupied…we’re trying to work up the amount of time we leave her again, but slowly. We’ve started it where just I go somewhere for a few minutes (although it was about 15 today) and Pixie stays with my partner.

We haven’t left her on her own for weeks which is badBadBAD! But I *hate* leaving her, she’s a huge comfort to me and she helps me feel safe. Meh.

Pig ear dog!


I wore my rainbow wig today…it was a little messy at first hahaha! Can it be classed as a bad hair day if it’s a wig?! 😀

I was sitting up here, it’s defying gravity!!


I finally tamed it into submission and then squashed it under the scary Pikachu hat, just to be safe XD


We had a short-ish walk in the dark about an hour ago with Pixie. It was the first time all day I’d been able to leave bed, so I’m chuffed I managed a walk at all today!

When we got back I had a shower then made Pixie’s evening meal, served in a Kong Quest.

She has five supplements now so her meal consisted of: Nature’s Menu wet food, around 10 pieces of grain-free kibble, salmon oil, seaweed, joint support pill, turmeric and coconut oil.

Big difference to the dog that wouldn’t eat anything at all 🙂


8 thoughts on “A painful day

    • Hey you!! I’ve missed hearing about you and your beautiful girl, how’s Karma? 😀 Thank you, we’re doing okay really, it’s just annoying having to get used to being more house bound than normal, and having to ‘lose’ days…but it could always be worse ^__^

    • Hey wait I just checked your blog and there’s like four posts I’ve never read :/ But it still says I’m following you, so why didn’t they come up on my reader? OH MY DOG I ALMOST MISSED HER TWO YEAR RESCUE ANNIVERSARY!!!

  1. So sorry you’ve had such a terrible day, but well done for taking some positive action. Hope tomorrow is a better one.

    • Thanks Kate 🙂 I’m kinda amazed nothing happened yesterday haha, and yep today has been a bit better plus no seizures which is a huge bonus & relief ^__^

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