Thank you & perfect Pixie

First off I just wanted to say thank you to you guys.

Thank you for everyone that read, liked, commented and shared stories / hope on the blogs the last few days that were about my parents. Every single comment was like being wrapped in a warm hug and they are all very much appreciated, so THANK YOU! 🙂

I think my last blog about Pixie was where she hadn’t done done very well. She was unresponsive, snubbing me and treats, and it just wasn’t a nice time for us as a team.

Since then she has aced three walks, so I’m not sure if she was having a bad day or if the small adjustments I’ve made to training have helped.

The other night we walked to the train station at about 2am and did lots of training on the platform. We went to walk under the tracks to leave out the exit by the office, and a bloody train appeared and went directly over us!! Aaaagh!

As soon as I heard it coming I was like “oh shit” haha, I immediately knelt with hotdog at the ready and just laughed and happy-talked Pixie. Initially Pixie was alert and anxious, but as she got used to the sound she just carried on enjoying her sniffs – like wth?! A super loud train is above us, so loud *I* don’t like the noise…but you’re fine?!?! 😀

We had a great walk today after a really crummy start. Some utter idiot (turned out to be a teenage girl) was walking their Lab off lead right by the main road.


You can see the dog’s bum here, no owner in sight!

We initially thought the dog was stray and were watching it for 5 mins not knowing what to do – we were in our porch ready to head out on our walk, Pixie was alerting to this huge frickin’ Lab right outside our door…do we try catch the dog or let it walk on?!


Just as my partner’s about to go out to try get the dog to avoid an accident, we see a teenage girl shouting from the end of the road. Eventually she catches up to the dog, tells it the walk’s over time for home, and walks off in the direction she came from, leaving the dog to amble after her on the road!! I’m just stood in the porch watching with my mouth hanging open!

Interesting start! Rest of the walk was great though, we walked into town which meant:

  • walking past a long stretch of very noisy roadworks – cranes, drills, diggers, half a dozen workmen
  • walking past A LOT of people; old men, people with bags, dogs etc
  • Walking along a very narrow pavement by a busy road
  • Dealing with town itself (people, other dogs, people, and more people!!)
  • Repeat walking home

And Pixie rocked it all 🙂

We did lots of c/t. I’ve stepped way back on actually asking her to do things (eg. eye contact, sit) and instead am just capturing things she does that I like. What a much nicer way for us to train in terms of her confidence!

Of course there are times I need her to do things and expect her to do them, but c/t things she chooses to do will help build her confidence and our bond too.

Today for example she was doing a perfect heel 60% of the walk, loose lead walking 30%, and the remaining 10% was split between slight pulling at interesting smells and standing still to sniff things, both of which I’m fine with 🙂


Also, for the first time, she was able to keep a perfect heel and eye contact as a woman walked directly past us on a narrow path!!!

She is 100% amazing 🙂

And these are some photos from the walk we did yesterday (or the day before maybe? not sure) where she did really good again!

Oh the focus!!

And look at us doing a sit stay in a place she’d never been before 😀



Some cuddle pics, because I love her and I am feeling happy 🙂

He wouldn’t stop taking photos of us, so I was wrestling for the phone here XD


Also huge shout out to Bonnie’s awesome owner, over at Bonnie’s Dog Blog NI. Not only has she become a great friend to me, but without being asked the other night she also searched google for ways to help out my seizures and things that would mean I could blog without the PC triggering a seizure.

Isn’t that just the nicest thing ever?

If you’re a fan of cute Border Collies, PR training and the occasional degu fun then you should totally go check out her blog too 😉

I wrote this blog wearing sunglasses and with one eye covered, and this is the first blog in ages I’ve written without having to take a large break or having to stop writing due to an imminent seizure *happy dance*


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