A bad day for sleep and training

Because of when I had my seizure / migraine / everything yesterday I fell asleep before bedtime which meant I couldn’t sleep all night.

My partner slept until about 3am, then woke up and we were up until 8am. We woke and walked Pixie before going to bed, but she woke us up again at 11am, which was fair enough as she’d slept at normal time throughout the night.

We had a normal day with play, training, walking everyone etc then early evening before it got dark decided to do a bigger walk with Pixie.

The walk was disastrous – Pixie was blowing off every cue ever, she was acting nervy in situations she’s done fine with numerous times, she was totally unresponsive to me and snubbed almost every treat I offered her even when she wasn’t alert / anxious. Nevertheless I was able to enjoy most the walk and shook my annoyance with her off.

Walk pics!


Pixie’s coming along well with her fear of sheep. This field had dozens of sheep in, in clear view, and she walked over with hardly a glance at them and zero anxiety 🙂

Yeah, I know. I’m wearing a t-shirt that says ‘face the strange’, a Pikachu hat, and pj bottoms..because screw having the energy to get dressed XD


We got home and chilled for a bit with Pixie chewing Nylabones, then she emptied a puzzle feeder and we all fell asleep. It was about 9pm by this time and me and my partner were exhausted.

Pixie woke us up less than two hours later by jumping all over us, licking our faces, digging at my face etc. I was absolutely shattered. I woke with a headache and earache in both ears, and I was super pissed at Pixie for waking me when she should have been tired.

Pretty sure I’ve said before I’m the grumpiest sleeper / waker ever 😛

I don’t know why she’s not tired. She’s not poorly, doesn’t need the loo…we’ve done playing, training, she’s had a meal from puzzle feeders and enjoyed her chew toys. 2am and she’s still not tired.

Little git.

She has done awesome with alert training though. I’m stepping it up a notch now and doing it outside of obvious training sessions. I’ll do it when she’s halfway up the stairs, has her back to me etc.

Just now she found a Nylabone and proudly carried it to a heap of blankets to chew. She had her back to me. I started doing the behaviour I’m training her to interrupt and did it heavier than usual so it made a repetitive noise. Within 10 seconds her ears pricked, she turned around, and as soon as she saw she bolted over and alerted 😀

My absolute favourite thing is when she’s busy doing something else and I’m quietly doing the behaviour. Immediately upon noticing she sprints over with such excitement and dives at me to interrupt, and it just makes me so happy ^__^

But dear god is she being an absolute shit tonight – calm the heck down and SLEEP!!


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