medical alert training

I have some pics from a training session with Pixie when Rey was out.

I was not expecting her to do as well as she did. Rey is literally her most exciting thing ever so I kinda thought she’d blow cues or only be able to focus for a second – she did GREAT!

Not only did she hold her focus really really well, but at one point Raiden decided training was more fun than playing and came to join in, and having them training side by side just showed how frickin’ amazing Pixie really is šŸ™‚

Her focus when Raiden was chewing a toy, playing and running was great. She held it with no faults at all.



That was amazing to see and made me feel all proud šŸ˜€

Then with Rey, I asked for a sit and wait, and woah the difference!! Now I know Rey’s not the average dog and his patience and impulse control has always been terrible, but I was really proud of how far Pixie has come to say she’d had zero training before.

Where Rey was whinging, shuffling, looking in different directions, lying down, offering a ‘settle’ etc, Pixie just sat and held that eye contact. Yaaay!

These past few days we’ve been working on alerts.

I started with something really obvious but that is actually a behaviour I do when struggling with overwhelming depression or on the verge of a panic attack. I don’t care how Pixie alerts me (pawing, nose nudge, licking etc), just that she alerts me. As she gains confidence we’ll work on duration of the alert.

Later we’ll add other behaviours to alert to, such as head in hands, spacing out, making a certain motion / noise etc.

Short clip because I recorded it for my IG, but impressive nonetheless šŸ˜€

I had a seizure yesterday and about 15 minutes before hand Pixie came and sat with me, and was staring at me. I took it that she was bored so we did some training, then ten minutes after she started acting weird, *I* started acting weird, and a seizure followed.

I have no idea how to reinforce her for noticing things like that, because I can’t tell a seizure is incoming. I guess just reinforce her every time she acts like that, because maybe she probably is alerting to something – seizures, anxiety, I dunno?


I’ve ordered some awesome custom patches off ebay. In America they sell all sorts of really cool service dog patches, and I always fall in love with them but postage is an extra Ā£8+ and we just can’t afford that. Here are some of my faves though!

I ordered two from America with the cheapest postage, then had the idea to look up ‘STOP’ patches on ebay, and bought two of them for just a couple of quid each.

Then I realised I could be using custom name patches on ebay, so bought an ‘IN TRAINING’ one and an ‘IGNORE ME’ one. In case you can’t tell, I DO NOT want people bothering us when we are out in public šŸ˜›

I then found a custom logo patch on ebay for Ā£8.50, and have customised it to be show she’s an alert dog šŸ™‚

They sent these two designs and I opted for the one on the left, but asked if the word dog could be added in the centre:

IĀ cannot wait until Pixie’s vest is here and then I can add patches to it, and her bag too. As soon as she is vested up I think I’ll have more confidence to walk her more on my own…at the moment the worry of people bothering us puts me off, because I just can’t manage that very well right now.

Today is also the day where my partner will be talking on the phone to my GP. I’m very scared in case he gives us an appt in a day or two, I don’t feel ready and am all trembley just thinking about it >__<


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