Nail clipping, dremel & grooming

Anybody who has followed this blog a while knows that nail trims for Kasper has been a loooong progress.

From when we adopted him at 9 months old he couldn’t stand any form of grooming – he hated being brushed, dried, having his paws touched etc. We overcame his issues being brushed and dried within a month or two, but clipping his nails and hair took longer.

For the past few years hair cuts have been a breeze, but we were still taking those baby steps with nail trims.

At the start of this year we got to the point where I could trim his nails with clippers. In spring I was able to trim his nails single handedly. The problem was with his black nails, as they were so thick the clippers weren’t as effective with them, and I HATE clipping black nails.

I got a dremel for my last birthday, last October, and have been counter conditioning Kasper to the noise and sensation since the beginning of this year.

Today I was able to dremel a whole paw in one sitting, all by myself 😀

Here are some before photos from last winter…

During dremel progress times…


One paw after today’s session 😀

And yes I am aware we can go closer to the quicks, but Kasper’s comfort level is more important than getting to them!

And because it ties in with grooming, Raiden doesn’t care at all about the stripping brush XD

Ugh my partner just gave Pixie a 1.5×1.5 inch remaining piece of rawhide that I’d taken off her so she didn’t swallow it (I’d told him I didn’t want her having it when it was small) and he just apparently gave her it without thinking. UGH.

I didn’t realise she was chewing that until she was swallowing it because she also had a chicken foot, and by then it was halfway down her throat and too late to swap. Damnit.


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