Dog madness!

I’ve been focused on Pixie too much recently.

I understand why, because I’m doing more actual training with her and we have an exciting goal we’re working towards, but I feel sad for the boys that I haven’t been sharing their adorable faces. Which is ridiculous, because obviously they couldn’t care less 😉

Here are some photos of EVERYONE from the past few days. Enjoy this dose of cuteness! ❤

Look everyone, he’s still not too shaggy!!


Pixie sprints around with the biggest grin on her face when she thinks Rey’s chasing her…and a lot of the time he’s just doing his own thing XD

And my big lad. Who I am VERY pleased to announce has hit the perfect weight recently ^__^ ❤

Kasper was having a *lot* episodes of diarrhoea a few months back. One of these was caused by the fact he ate a sock (yep, an entire sock) on a walk in the dark. The others, we had no idea, but with each episode we’d have to starve him for 24 hours to resettle his stomach, then slowly build in food and go from rice back to kibble. Obviously with each bout he lost some weight, and when they kept happening every few weeks he’d lost more and more!

Eventually, after a month of Kasper recovering, eating food, then suddenly getting diarrhoea again, we think we have finally figured out the cause: new kibble.

We switched the dogs to Arden Grange kibble. It was on offer so we got a 15kg bag at a good price, the ingredients are ok (we usually avoid maize), but none of our dogs have ever reacted to any food so we thought they’d cope.

Kasper has eaten all sorts of treats and kibble over the years and NEVER had an issue. He has all sorts of treats, he’s had really shit kibble the one time we’ve been on holiday since having him, and we ran out and the tiny village shop only sold Bakers…never reacted to anything.

Well it seems, touch wood, it was the kibble causing the problem!!

After his last episode we switched him to a kibble he was on for several years, that we knew he didn’t have a problem with, and for the past 3 weeks he has been perfectly fine 🙂

For the past three weeks we’ve also been feeding him our version of satin balls (used to help dogs gain weight) – kibble, yoghurt, various cooked meats, olive oil and cereal. Plus his usual supplements.

So I’m really really happy with that 🙂

I love him ❤ ❤ ❤

Hahaha, I love him I love him I love him!!

He’s starting to try play more with Pixie too, which is lovely to see 🙂

Unfortunately when trying to get another dog to play he’s quite heavy handed. He will make big loud, long “awrooooo!” noises, flop on them, smush his head into them and bark…so for a dog who’s only just getting really confident around him, I don’t know if that’s the best way to go about it XD

Head smush!

Pixie’s like “dude wtf?!” XD

These were two separate occasions. He tried hard to play bless him. Also yes, his head is about the size of her entire body hahahaha!


My partner took what may well be my favourite photo of me with (two of) the pups. I really, really love this ❤

These two are my snuggle bugs, and there is NOTHING better than multiple dog cuddles 🙂

Uuugh Kasper’s face, I literally can’t stand the cuteness. I love that boy so much.

Also I realised that if it wasn’t for Kasper’s intense dislike of Rey, all three dogs could be out together now! I imagine it would be hard to manage because Rey and Pixie play madly, and Kasper would get OTT and trample everyone, but it could be done…but Kasper has ruined it by hating my baby boy haha 😛

I could work on it and try get it to that stage, but I probably won’t bother. Nobody’s losing anything by the two boys having to stay separate, so if it ain’t broke I won’t be fixing it!

Finish up with my little buggy eyed girl ❤

Also have you seen how long her muzzle is compared to a pure Chi’s?! I only realised the other day, but most Chi’s are almost brachy their muzzles are so short. Pixie really took the Dachshund nose huh? 😀


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