A walk gets cancelled: rainy pics!

Today is the first day in about five days where I haven’ had a NES, so to celebrate we had an epic walk planned.

We were going to walk across the fields to the village over, then climb the small mountain. Pixie’s first time ever climbing a mountain! πŸ™‚

It began very light drizzling as we got to the end of our road, so we turned and ran back home to get Pixie out of her fleece harness and into her coat. I dumped my DSLR camera and swapped it for my mobile to take pics on, too.

We headed back out, still in very light drizzle, and got across the fields to the village.

The end of the field leads to a narrow kissing gate and, on the other side, a really narrow (2ft wide tops) footpath that joins to a road. Just on the other side of the gate were three old men standing about talking.

I picked Pixie up, mainly because three old men is not gonna be something she’s happy with, secondly they’re entirely blocking the path, and thirdly one of them has an insanely aggressive JRT which is walked off lead and has no recall. So.

I picked Pixie up and once we were a few feet away from the path, when it became clear they weren’t going to move, my partner called over to them “Can you move out the way and give us some room please? Our dog’s nervous, she’s a rescue.”

There was a period of about 15 seconds where they all just stared at us like “Huh?!” and it’s like, well you are blocking the path anyway!!!

The two that didn’t have the dog eventually moved, but the old guy with the dog was confused what we’d asked and for some reason thought we wanted him to get his dog or move hid dog out the way (idk – his dog was like 12ft away doing its’ own thing so who knows) and he just didn’t move, so I literally had to squeeze past this man on a really narrow path with Pixie in her bag. I was NOT comfortable with that, I don’t like being close to people I don’t know extremely well…but hey we got past it, and Pixie was fine.

We hit the main road, ready to climb a field to the foot of the ‘mountain’ and the rain really picked up – aaaagh!!

Cue us running to a sheltered bus stop, waiting there ten minutes, and just heading home XD

We had a good time at the bus stop though haha! Training and pics = fun πŸ™‚


“I don’t mind the rain!!!”


Y’know what Pixie is getting so damn good at and that’s totally adorable? Jumping onto my lap and into my arms from the ground – tooo cuuuute! Hope to eventually have her jumping into arms whilst I’m standing, and have it mean I don’t have to pick her up on walks anymore but can ask her to pick herself up XD



Short clip of rainy training!

And as you hear at the end, the Newfoundland that lives in the village was coming, and it’s reactive and always gets very close to pulling its’ owner over…so we headed off back despite the rain haha πŸ˜›

When you head out for a dog walk and it starts raining, and your dog’s the only one wearing a coat…


Once we were out the fields and close to home the rain slacked off and pretty much stopped (typical…), so I knelt down and said “Want to come out?”. That’s so Pixie knows she is allowed to come out if she wants – I don’t want her leaping out every time I kneel or sit!!

Guess who decided to stay in the bag??? πŸ˜€


It was so frickin’ funny!!

She didn’t used to like being carried / in something at all, so every time sheΒ chooses to remain in there it makes me so happy πŸ™‚


We had an unexpected walk, it didn’t go as planned at all – but it was fun!


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