Off lead beach fun

Yesterday we walked to the beach and Pixie had some off lead zooming fun.

Autumn is officially here now and the weather is finally, FINALLY cooler!! Pixie feels the cold easily so out came her fleecey jacket…I’m fine with that because she looks totally adorable in it 😉

I have a woozy head so not gonna type much about the walk…pics speak for themselves though ^__^



After a commentor said yesterday my blackouts sounded like seizures, me and my partner have been looking it all up.

I’d obviously never thought that these episodes could be anything like this…but it seems I tick the boxes for non-epileptic seizures.

I don’t know why I’ve started having them daily rather than weekly, but I bet the fact that I now worry about when they’re going to happen doesn’t help!! 😛  I have a GP appt coming up which will be my first appt in months and months (after the last ones went so badly) so will be mentioning it to him.

I think we can get a much better handle on these ourselves though.

We both read a lot about identifying triggers, noticing when a seizure is gonna happen, and figuring out what sort of grounding techniques work for you. We’re really good at thinking outside the box from dog training so I think with some effort we can improve things.

Yesterday for example I lost about six hours (before, during and after a seizure). Today we noticed a seizure coming (combined effort of Pixie, my partner and me!) and began working on grounding things immediately. I think having Pixie trained to lick my face and paw at me until I respond will REALLY help here.

The grounding techniques we found worked best so far was my partner asking me questions about dog breeds (“do you like Brussels Griffons?” “Which do you like best?” etc). Yes and no questions are great because I can answer by slightly moving a finger instead of having to talk, which is hardest for me.

Instead of losing six hours today I only lost a couple hours 🙂

And the intense part of the episode, where I couldn’t move or speak, apparently only lasted 5-10 minutes, which is much better than 30!

Really lame but at least feel we can help make it not as devastating now.


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