Tired face & kitty cats

I’m tired of dissociating so much now.

I don’t know why it’s started happening all the time. Had a tough day with it today, and although it wasn’t a really bad one where I black out, it was one where I couldn’t respond to things my partner was saying and couldn’t move…the actual episode only lasted about forty minutes but my head’s so sluggish for hours and hours afterwards >__<

Pixie sat with me throughout and was licking my hands…dissociating makes me so tired too. Fed up with it!

Enzo’s been a right little lovebug today, I don’t know why. He’s getting to be such a big boy now! I know let’s have some comparison photos 😉

12 weeks old (uuugh the cuteness!):


6 months old 😀

I feel so blessed that he’s still here with us, given his health condition ❤

Also I got some footage of his weird pectus-cat-purring that I’ll upload at some point too!

I did some awesome, *awesome* awesome mat work with Pixie today, but I probably won’t post about that now because I’m all tired. I do have a photo I can share of her on her little dinky mat though XD


Here are some photos of nurse maid Pixie with her little loved babies too!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


Please head over to our Much Loved Mice blog if you’ve missed out on the pinky fun btw!

And finally, watching over mouse babies AND your mum is exhausting. This was Pixie when I was handling the adult girls last night, fighting to keep her eyes open 😀


17 thoughts on “Tired face & kitty cats

    • Hmm that’s interesting, and concerning haha. I did a quick google on what the difference between dissociative episodes and seizures are, and I tick the box for non-epileptic seizures.I’ll ask my Dr about it, I have an appt in the next few weeks. Thank you so much for thinking of me and letting me know 🙂

    • Just wanted to say we’ve been reading a lot about non-epileptic seizures and finally feel like we understand what’s happening to me 🙂 Because we think we know what’s happening now we’ve found some better ways to cope and things that might help pull me ‘back’ faster…thank you so much for bringing up seizures as otherwise we wouldn’t have had a clue. I’ll be bringing this up with my GP soon and he might have some ideas too.

      • Wow! I am so thankful I said something. Your life just may be about to change for the better. You are a delightful writer and I live how you live and treat animals. You deserve to be healthy and happy!!!

      • By the way I was watching a show on PBS and there was a British cop who had blackout spells called narcolepsy. You might check on that too. Keep me posted if you would. I care.

    • I know, he’s huge 🙂 Totally surprised us too as even though there’s only a month between them and Enzo was always a runty cat, he’s still a little bigger than Pecan 🙂 Haha yes indeed, they like to watch over their mummy ^__^

  1. I hope you get some useful advice from your doctors. Enzo is such a beautiful cat and it’s great that he is still flourishing 🙂 Pixie is adorable with the babies and her little mat is the cutest 🙂

    • It’s my first appt in about 6 months because the last ones went SO badly…last ones they just kept trying to section me and a GP gave me drugs to knock me out so the NHS didn’t have to do anything!! I really just don’t want to go, but my GP’s insisting on seeing me before re-filling my meds again, which is fair enough haha…but ugh. I really wish Pixie had had enough training so she could come to a Dr’s appt hahaha I know it would help so much 😀

      Pixie being so tiny means she can have the cutest mats haha! That’s just a small doormat and she can still so easily target and fit on it 😀

      • Aw god that sounds a bit of a nightmare I really hope this time it goes well or at least better than that! Hopefully in a few months time Pixie will be able to cope with more and be able to come with you to places like the doctors it would be such a big help like.

      • Thanks…I think having her coming to appts would be one of her biggest ways to help, so if we ever could get to the stage where she’d be totally comfortable with that, it would be awesome!

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