Pixie does it again :)

I’ve had a crummy day with Pixie.

Not being as focused as I know she’s able to be, completely off doing her own thing on walks. Oh, and I woke up from a nap to her chewing my glasses…aaagh!

Um, so, where was I…oh yeah.

So meh day, I was feeling frustrated. Then this evening a little stress triggered a big freak out, and the panic then triggered a huge dissociative episode.

My partner said I blacked out for about 30 minutes and he couldn’t get a reaction out of me at all. Are you ready for the next bit? He said as soon as I started acting weird Pixie jumped onto the footstool next to me and sat right next to me!!!

It was her licking my hands that apparently started to ‘wake me up’…crazy how she seems to have this instinct on noting when I’m ‘off’ and helping me. I guess it makes her perfect to be come a psychiatric alert dog though haha 🙂

I’ll definitely be having training where I fake dissociating and c/t for her sitting next to me, on me, pawing at me and licking my hands.

It’s been about an hour so I’m still sluggish and slowly fighting to become more normal, but here are some photos I took when I was first getting back into myself.



My partner got creative and was using two bobbly dog toys to ground me hahahaha! Pixie commandeered them afterwards XD

So that was that.

Earlier today we worked on ‘beg’ too, for no reason other than it’s cute. She really rocked this.



“I got it mum!”



5 thoughts on “Pixie does it again :)

  1. I hope you’re doing better. It must be scary when those ‘episodes’ come up unannounced. If you could train Pixie to alert on them – then maybe you or your partner would be aware of it before hand.And get you to a safe place where you won’t get hurt by falling.

    • That is something I really really want to work on with Pixie, if she could alert me to an episode we could get somewhere quiet, try grounding and involving things to try prevent it etc. I don’t know how to get her to alert me to it before it happens, but I’m in touch with a company who might be able to offer training advice so that would be cool 🙂 Thank you ❤

  2. Aw Pixie she is such a super star, like I said yous are made for each other ❤ It's awful that you have these episodes but I'm glad that she is able to help you out. Also I love her begging, it's seriously impressive!

    • Hahaha I love her beg with her big long body XD Her balance is surprisingly really good too so I can’t wait to get some good duration going 😀 Thanks, I’m at least happy with how the dogs have coped whilst I’ve been having episodes daily…it’s meant less walks for everyone, more has been expected of them etc. but they’ve all done really well 🙂

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