The baby mice are here :D

Alexa has been acting so comfortable around us (coming to take treats by hand etc) that today I decided to lift the house and peek in her nest.

My partner distracted her with cheerios and small crumbs of biscuit, and I lifted the nest. I didn’t disturb anything but it looks like we have at least six or seven babies, and they looked nice and healthy. What a good mum she is!

The little dude on top you can see best has a little black patch on their ear developing! ❤

Carmella also looks like she’s about to pop too, so I think she might give birth in the next few days 🙂

That was a great start to the day and I’m so excited now! I’ve been posting all over social media hoping someone will be interested, but most my friends aren’t very into pets so I don’t have anyone to talk to haha…my partner was excited and we gushed about it for ten minutes, but he’s back to normal now and I’m just sat here dancing in glee!

I can’t wait to start handling the little ones and seeing what colours we have ended up with 🙂

Here are some photos of Enzo and Pixie from last night that are too cute not to share, too. That cat is just hilarious.


“It’s belly rubs o’ clock, right?”



6 thoughts on “The baby mice are here :D

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    • It is so exciting!!! We have two litters now and today I handled Alexa’s babies 🙂 I posted about it on the Much Loved Mice blog, but I’ll post them on the normal blog once we’re back from our walk too!

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