A bad day for Brawn

If you missed the post about our baby mice, please check out the previous post!

Wow have we just had a horrible time.

We have flypaper in our living room because we forgot a bag of food under the stairs and it exploded with flies. Hundreds and hundreds of flies. And they are proving extremely difficult to get rid of!!

Anyway, Brawn was out being his cute bunny self, when in slow-mo I saw one of the fly papers hanging from the banister, about 10ft up, tear. It fell down and splat, stuck to Brawn 😦

Brawn immediately went crazy – the paper had got one hell of a shot and was down the middle of his back, on mainly one ear, and his head above his eyes.

He started tearing about like crazy, kicking and twisting and leaping, desperately scared. I went into auto-pilot and ran for the stairs, grabbing the first item of clothing I could find (fleece jumper, pretty much perfect), then racing back to Brawn and wrapped him in it like a baby in a blanket.

As gently as I could I removed the fly paper. It pulled off a hell of a lot of fur, but didn’t hurt too much as Brawn didn’t squirm or protest in any way. This bunny is amazing, god bless him.

With the paper off I got my partner to fetch me a wash cloth and bowl of water, but anybody who has hung up fly paper knows that stick is impossible to get off. So I started using the pet shaver to cut off the worst of it – by now Brawn was back in his cage (his own choice) and I wasn’t restraining him at all. He had calmed down a lot and was being very sweet with me.

I cut most the bad fur off, using a carrot to keep him busy as I shaved his head, and my partner looked up ways to get the last of the stick off: baking soda and olive oil.

I got a bit of baking soda and rubbed some onto his now bald ears, then added olive oil to his back, head and ears. He was so good and, call me an idiotic animal lover, but I honestly believe he knew I was helping and sat completely still as I rubbed it in.

I filled his food bowl with carrot, banana and pellets as I used a cloth to wipe it all off. He didn’t like having his ears sponged, but he was just so sweet. Partway through as I was rinsing the cloth he came to stand on my lap ❤

Now all the stick was gone so I toweled him dry and left him in his crate to de-stress. My poor little baby. Now he is grooming himself but looking much better.

I think Brawn just invented a whole new meaning to the phrase “sticky buns”…

Pixie was a star during all this and, although she was right next to me, she didn’t get in the way or bother Brawn at all. Very grateful as managing her as well as a terrified bunny would have been even less fun!!!


8 thoughts on “A bad day for Brawn

    • He seems to have bounced back to his normal chilled out self haha…his fur’s a little greasy from the oil still though and he does have bald patches bwahahaha

    • He’s absolutely gorgeous and really such a calm and loving bun. Hoping I never have to put him through anything like again though XD

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