A really good training post

I uploaded a training video of me and Pixie from a few days ago, so I have that to post, and then this evening the most amazing thing ever happened!

Firstly, the video.

The darker clips at the beginning were day 1 of position work, where I wanted her to walk next to my right foot and sit. You can see at the start I’m stood very close to the footstool on my right, so Pixie has no option but to stay close to me. As she nailed the trick more and more, I could give her more room.

The lighter clips are day 2, and there’s also a little bit of ‘under’ work too 🙂

This evening something truly amazing happened.

I dissociated, very suddenly and out the blue. My partner was out collecting a takeaway so I was home alone. I don’t think I was blacked out for very long, but when I started to come around Pixie was on my lap, looking up at me, and I was repeatedly stroking her back.

Oh my god. I couldn’t believe it.

I was too spacey at the time to think to give her treats, which I’m annoyed about, but as I came around more I gave her lots of praise and fuss and really told her how good she was. I have no idea how long I was blacked out for or how long she was sat on my lap, but waking to her there comforting me was incredible. I’m so grateful to her, she has changed my life so much ❤ ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “A really good training post

  1. Lovely work on the heeling but even more awesome is how she helped you come around, it’s amazing how somethings can just completely change your life without even expecting it and it’s so lovely how yous are both helping each other, it just seems that you are Pixie were meant to be ❤

  2. That’s incredible, it must be a much nicer experience for you (as much as it can be) to wake up to a dog right there as your partner was out. Animals truly are amazing, they don’t really need any training, they just know when things are wrong and do their best to help out. Lots of hugs to you Pixie you clever girl!

    • Definitely. When I come around on my own I feel really panicky about things I might have done (I’ve done some really embarrassing things out the house whilst blacked out before!!) and I also get scared by what could have happened – what if I’d left the oven on or something?! So coming around with a dog there when I’m alone is a huge comfort whilst I try and sort my head out 🙂 I will pass those hugs on, this girl loves her snuggles!!

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