The photo blog I forgot to title

My brain can’t function to write atm and it’s so much more effort than usual.

As a result, here are a lot of photos from our walk yesterday!

Pixie did really well, but we had a crappy experience walking along the canal (Pixie in her bag). A couple walking three off lead dogs came from round a blind corner, off a foot path right next to a really busy road, and literally walked right into us.

The first two Toy Poodles justΒ looked at us, which was fine even if the owners were yelling, then the third Toy Poodle arrived and just immediately began jumping, snarling and snapping at me and Pixie. Proper going for us.

Pixie freaked understandably and leapt almost out her bag, I had to quickly lower her to the ground otherwise she’d fall, then lean over her and do emergency happy-talk to protect her from this shitty poodle, which the owners couldn’t get away. UGH.

If you cannot control you dog off lead do not let it off the fucking lead!!!

Owners were yelling at their dog, eventually got it away, apologised once and totally didn’t mean it…fucking morons. The woman turned and looked back when they were about 10ft away Β (still with all three dogs off lead) and I was giving her the most filthy look I could muster.

My anxiety rocketed after this and, I guess triggered by that, my psychosis got really bad. So we took ourselves to a really quiet field and sat down for a while. We had some snacks with us so enjoyed a mini-picnic…Pixie has more self control than I do πŸ˜‰


We also met this moron walking his Border Collie off lead in a field with several signs asking dogs to be kept on leads, amongst a dozen cows, AND the owner was talking on his phone and not paying attention to the dog.Β Uuuuuugh.

The dog is by the tree near the centre of the pic, the man is to the right on his phone.

And oh look, who’d have thought a dog owner would ignore a sign politely asking they keep their dog on lead?! And owners wonder why dogs are being restricted more and more in the countryside…..

Okay. I’ll pretty much shut up now πŸ˜›



I was really impressed with Pixie on this walk.

Here she is on a 12ft lead, she can go as far from me as she wants, but she walked to heel πŸ™‚


The thing that totally made my day yesterday was Pixie got into position (right next to my right foot) and sat!!

We’ve only been working on this behaviour a few days, and she was in a completely new environment with lots of distractions – and with a slack lead…but she did it!!


Did a little counter conditioning around sheep. Pixie is terrified of sheep, way more scared than she is of cows.



Working on heeling


12 thoughts on “The photo blog I forgot to title

    • In the UK dogs can go off lead most places that are away from a road, BUT places where there are signs saying to keep your dog on a lead and around livestock is a no no – then your dog has to be on lead. And dogs that are off lead are supposed to be under control by their owners, but that’s a whole other story… πŸ™‚

  1. The pictures are lovely. Don’t get too upset when something goes wrong: you can’t control other people, there’s no point wasting your energy resources on getting frustrated πŸ˜‰ Which doesn’t mean I approve ofidiotic behaviour…Pixie will learn to deal with stress eventually, she seems to be doing really well πŸ™‚

    • It could’ve all so easily gone wrong. I dread to think what would have happened if Pixie had fallen out the bag onto her head, or the dog had actually attacked her…so tired of such morons out and about -__- And just tired in general because my sleep’s sucky haha!

      Pixie is doing great and I doubt many dogs would have reacted much better than she did – I think what scared us both was that the dog came so out of nowhere, if we’d seen it coming and been prepared I think we’d both have bounced back much better.

    • I was really pissed off. I *hate* dog owners like that, I mean why can’t they understand what a dramatic affect their out of control dog could have on somebody else’s pet?!

    • I love getting right out into the countryside, there’s few things as relaxing as that πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, she’s such a little star ^__^

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