Pixie & Rey training

Yesterday I had a fun time with Rey, he’s a hundred times calmer and more settled in the house than he was 6 months ago, but we’re still waiting for his first sleep outside of his crate hahaha!

I groomed him SO MUCH yesterday, over the course of three hours I stripped him, did some scratch board work for his nails, and snipped some fur in delicate places. He looks like such a smart little scruff-ball now ^__^

Hand stripped back leg and front legs here!

I’ve actually never met a dog as happy as Rey. He is just so smiley and confident.


I think I’d stripped some of his tail here too!

We did a lot of playing then he very happily settled right next to me. Stripping and grooming him is so easy as he just doesn’t care and I can do almost anything to him; the one exception is mess with his feet, which he’s still not a fan off – he pulls away with a cheeky grin on his face like “mum, what are you like?!” XD

His nails are still too long but much better. It’s hard to get a decent photo with his hairy feets, although I did trim them down yesterday too, they were exploding with hair before XD

We had so much fun with this squeaker. I adore playing with Rey, I am the person he plays with and we just go wild – he has such good bite inhibition ^__^

Increasing the duration of his settle (chin on floor)




Looking much much better πŸ˜€

“See mum, my teeth are fine…you don’t need to worry about me!”

Fun fun ^__^

And here are some photos from the solo walk me and Rey did. Fun off lead, lots of play mixed in with some awesome training. Look how smart he looks!

And beautiful dog doing stays – *love* his focus ^__^



Also I’d just like to interrupt this post to say Pixie and Brawn are eating a carrot together and it’s literally the cutest thing ever XD XD XD

And me and Pixie have been doing some training which I’ve found really fun, it’s super nice to watch her work and figure things out, even if it is much more chilled than training the other two.

The first thing we worked on is getting in position. This involves luring Pixie into position next to my right foot, then marking her for sitting.

I thought this was going to be much harder, but I did it up against our giant footstool, so Pixie had to stay right by me because there was no room to stray further away. This worked really well and, although Pixie was initially a little nervous (remember how she used to HATE walking down narrow alleys and stairways?) she got the hang after a few run throughs.

She did really well at this, and I soon figured out where to hold my hand so she would move the correct distance forwards so that when she sat she was level with my feet. I was amazed how in one fluid movement I could get her to move forward AND sit πŸ™‚

And the other thing we worked on was ‘under’, which was going under my legs as I was sitting down.

At the beginning I had to click and treat simply for her putting her nose under my legs, as she’d never done anything like this before and was a bit ‘wth?’ After a few minutes I was c/t for her going all the way under my legs – so she’d start at the left side, I’d hold the treats on the right, and she would go all the way under and get a c/t.

We’re not working on her staying or sitting whilst under yet, but it was a great start in just a few minutes!

And I’m still trying to up her stay too. She knows what the hand signal means now, and I can step in any direction before c/t and she won’t move πŸ™‚

* ~ * ~ *

Watching Pixie and Brawn is so funny.

She keeps trying to play with him and he just watches her, doesn’t flinch at her bouncing or play bows at all. She’ll walk about doing her own thing and Brawn will follow her. And if he’s eating veggies Pixie is desperate to try them too, even though she hates most. She carried a baby corn off before, crunched it up and spat it out, then tried to go back for more XD


2 thoughts on “Pixie & Rey training

    • Thanks!! Rey’s been a little git today haha, has a bit of a poorly tummy so we’re taking him out for walks more often, but he only poops when he’s desperate…so we come back from an extra walk where he hasn’t gone to the loo, and twenty mins later he’s whining and desperate for a poop!!!

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