When did Rey get good?!?

Out on a walk with the two scamps today, I thought I’d do some task training with Rey, because why not?


Seriously, I was *gobsmacked*.

I haven’t really done much training with Rey, because he’s such a confident dog there’s not much that needs doing…his recall is good, he’s got good at being calm walking past dogs and meeting them, and he’s just bombproof.

Whoa. I was used to his impulse control being too poor and his excitement being too high to even consider him as an unofficial assistance dog – I’m starting to think he could actually rock it!

We worked on heel and focus (something he has NEVER done before, he didn’t even know heel, just loose lead walking) and he picked it up within a few minutes. We could heel + focus across the width of the field in less than five minutes.

We worked on standing by my right side, keeping close to that right, and turning in a circle with my feet. He bloody rocked it. AND we started working on fetching objects (something else he’s never done). Whoa now!!

So that was awesome. I might try and build up more tasks in him and increase the difficulty in surroundings, because as he’s so confident and bombproof, if we could get the focus down he would make an awesome psychiatric assistance dog.

Pixie works very well as she has no interest in her surroundings, but she does get nervous in situations, and as soon as that anxiety appears her focus is gone…so it would be cool to have her for less strenuous trips as we built up to others, and if we could get Rey to the point where he could cope in all sorts of places that would be awesome.

I was SO IMPRESSED with him though ^__^

Here’s little miss chilling


Random photo

Adorable video of them playing like loons, and yes Raiden is being a vocal player, he is outdoors when he can’t keep up bwahaha!

Also check out that bloody amazing impulse control and recall 😀

Back home, doing lots of training, recall and play ^__^


3 thoughts on “When did Rey get good?!?

    • Thanks, I thought that too…and once I get to know the situations they each do better in, I can match them to those whilst working with the other on catch-up!! I think they’ll end up knowing different skills to each other too,that will be useful in different areas. Pixie is very good at physical contact which is wonderful at reducing my anxiety, Raiden’s confidence is great for me and he’s better at focusing and following cues. Pixie is less excitable around people, she moves away from things better etc. It feels like a huge journey ahead, but I think the fact they’re not ‘actual’ assistance dogs will help as we don’t *have* to reach such a high standard…just get them to points where we’re all confident 🙂

      I’ve never seen that programme but it sounds very fitting haha! Will have to give it a watch 😀

      • This is all so cool I can’t wait to read more about their progress. It’s so lovely how our animals positively affect our lives. It will be good to not have that pressure that they need to be a high a standard as a service dog, but for them to be able to help you out in your day to day life will be so awesome. The programme is great – I really recommend it! It’s kind of similar to what you’re doing with Rey and Pixie. It’s by Nando and Jo-Rosie, is all positive trained and it’s just so heartwarming ❤

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