These two, man ^__^

Pixie and Kasper have had two big together sessions today!

They met for pretty much the first time in the garden (I *think* it was the first time, I just can’t be sure!) and it was an accidental meeting, in that me and Pixie were playing and training out back when my partner returned from walking Kasper, so we let them say hi!

The way Pixie behaves around Kasper is so fascinatingly different to how she is with Raiden…makes sense, but still bizarre.

Today we did confidence building with her around Kasper, LOTS of training with Kasper, and just had general fun times ^__^

Confidence work:

I filmed (or thought I’d filmed!!) some really awesome training with Kasper, but then later we discovered my camera had stopped filming repeatedly – UUUUGH.

So what should have been really wonderful footage of Kasper rocking leg weaves, down stays, sit stays, beg, in (to the paddling pool), lots of waiting as Pixie chases and receives treats, and touch…instead there is pretty much nothing XD

Ah well, I did get these cute pics!





In the early afternoon we took Pixie into town and to the big supermarket (her first time). My partner went in to buy some shopping, and me and Pixie worked all around the carpark training.

It was super busy, but she did really really well!

I should also add I haven’t been around that many people or to the supermarket in such a long time because I simply couldn’t cope. Focusing on Pixie and walking around with her, it was a doddle.

Pixie had no fear, followed all my directional cues, focused well, even did a heel and focus, and a sit stay and focus 😀 So that was awesome. She’s not perfect by any means and has quite a few times where she really struggles to focus, but I can’t blame her at all for that as a) she never had walks before us, and b) she’s never been trained or HAD to focus before!

We’ve done a ton of training today.

We’re doing plenty of sit, sit stays, watch me and heels. We’ve literally been working on heel for one day, two at most, and already Pixie can walk and watch me for a dozen steps! Again stay is an entirely new trick for her to learn as well, and already she can hold it whilst I walk a step or two in any direction.

She’s weirdly super smart but learns different than any other dog I’ve worked with, and certain types of behaviours are waaaay harder to teach her than others. She has no idea about luring or shaping, totally new and alien to her 😛

This evening we had Kasper and Pixie together in the house, and we all chilled together for over an hour. Pixie had several bouts of actually really wanting (and kinda) trying to play with Kasper…damn hilarious because her trying to play involves going near his face, balancing on her back legs and waggling her front paws, then tipping backwards and needing me to catch her = BWAHAHAHAHA!

This evening I was having the time of my life in the garden playing with Pixie and Rey, we were all having such an awesome time! I picked Rey up for cuddles and kisses and as I was putting him down he managed to fall on his face.

His jaw made an unholy sound as it hit the patio and for 5 seconds he was just still and shocked and hurting. I freaked the f**k out, and even though he went right back to playing and tug and training after those 5 seconds I just got more and more panicked, beat myself up more and couldn’t think of anything else.

Indoors I just sat and was panicky and crying. I felt like the worst dog mum ever. Pixie came and settled on me and s-l-o-w-l-y I started to bounce back and even more slowly my anxiety started to reduce.


She stayed with me for hours, it was so SO appreciated.


Really, really hoping Rey’s still pain-free tomorrow. We checked his jaw and teeth, and he was doing everything normally, but I can’t help but worry.


2 thoughts on “These two, man ^__^

  1. Aw I know how easy it is to feel like the worst dog mum. I’m glad Pixie was able to help you out. Don’t beat yourself up, if he’s eating normally and acting normal he should be fine, he was probably just shocked from it more than anything.I loved the pics from the garden – Kasper’s beg is so adorable and he rocks at it!

    • Oh god I really felt like the worst. Raiden has like the most incredibly sad expression when something hurts him, and it’s even worse because he normally looks so damn happy. Ugh. But yeah, he’s been perfectly fine ever since, phew! Thank you xxx I love Kasper’s beg!! Slacked off quite a bit and his balance isn’t as good as it was so he can’t hold it as long anymore, need to build that up again!

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