Big adventure, little dog: part 3

Only one more part after this 😉

Feel free to check out part 1 here, and part 2 here!

Now that Pixie was fully off lead, the real zoomies could begin.

She was diving over ditches of water, including one that was a good 2.5ft deep!!! The first time she jumped over this her front legs actually couldn’t get purchase and her bum dipped in the water hahaha! She then got soggy bum zoomies which was just adorable! ❤

The ditch she was leaping over:

And  as well as plenty of other adorable-ness in this video, there’s a slow-mo of one of her jumps too!! Oh and it starts with my partner crossing the deadly cartons from the last post XD

After I’d had a lovely paddle (bit deeper than I thought it was gonna be though!!) we sat drying off and re-hydrating on the grass.

This meant more training with Pixie!

Lots of sit stays combined with focus / watch me.


And I asked her to come settle on my lap, which she didn’t mind at all!!


But she got PLENTY of time to just be a puppy too 😉



I think this might be the best photo I’ve *ever* taken. Talk about perfect and very lucky timing!  Didn’t you know for a superfast recall Pixie breaks out her levitation powers?!

Me thinks the farmer didn’t think this through… XD

The patch of rocks is kinda hard to cross, but only lasts for a minute. I call this photo “small dog with Beluga whale” XD

I’ll end this with more pretty walk pics…jujshed the colours on one 😀


5 thoughts on “Big adventure, little dog: part 3

  1. So many cracking photos in this! The levitating recall is hilarious, loving the ears in it! Also love the pics of her just chilling and also giving eye contact, she has just done a total 180 since you got her 🙂 Like in the video you can see how fun and confident she is just zooming about and she was so funny jumping over the stream 😀

    • Ah thank you! Omb I could not believe when I got that photo on the PC and saw how hilarious it was – I really haven’t ever taken a photo that good before XD

      I’m still having a hard time realising this is the same dog, and remembering quite how terrified she was when we started fostering her…I read a post from the end of June yesterday and just had my mouth dropped open, like ‘was she really that bad?!’ 😛

      Love seeing her like this! ^__^

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