Big adventure, little dog: part 2

You can see photos in part 1 here! 🙂

Also please check out this post because Alexa is looking pregnant-er than ever!!!

Now that we’d managed to loop past the bloody annoying ditch of water, we could make some progress…I mean, it’s not like this walk’s big enough without adding extras XD

We still left the lead trailing as we couldn’t tell where the escaped injured sheep was, it hunkered down in the grass, and we didn’t want to stress it out more!

At this point in the walk there were a few spots of rain, which was bizarre as the sky was so blue, but it was very nice and refreshing and nobody minded – far too awesome a walk to be ruined by a  few raindrops!

We practiced LOTS of recalls, and some sit stays. Along with sitting still I was also asking Pixie for eye contact (HOW DIFFERENT IS THAT FROM THE DOG THAT FIRST CAME TO US?!?!?), which meant I could easily get lots of cuuuute pics, although I think most are in the next batch 🙂


The tide had gone out fairly recently (yep, the sea covers all this grass!), so everywhere was very squishy and wet. I was very glad I didn’t have to have Pixie on lead or, even worse, in her bag!!

This part of the route was deadly – you could either go the way my partner went, which involved lots of boggy grass and jumping over a water filled ditch via some plastic cartons as stepping stones, or go my way which was very muddy, slippy and rocky!!


I chose the rocky way and didn’t die; Pixie came my way then sprinted between me and her dad giving him encouragement as he stalled at crossing on the cartons XD

At this point in the walk Pixie got very muddy, repeatedly XD

Now we were round the corner and could safely see there were no escaped sheep, Pixie could go fully off lead, and my partner got to carry a soggy dirty lead the rest of the way – yaaay!

And here she is sampling some poo 😉


3 thoughts on “Big adventure, little dog: part 2

    • Thanks! It’s such a glorious walk…the only reason we don’t do it more is because it’s so damn long when you walk both ways, and the other two don’t do buses…if we can just get Pixie more confident on the bus we could do this walk all the time 🙂

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