Big adventure, little dog: final part!

Once we were passed the rocky area there wasn’t too much left to go.

Nevertheless, plenty of moments to play, train and have fun 😉

We are really working on our sit stays and focus, both on and off lead. Eventually I would love this to become her default behaviour in almost any environment.

This is her “mum, I’ve *totally* earnt that hotdog!” face 😛

At this point I bagged Pixie up, because the ground was very boggy, thistel-y and we were going past a farm where they often have dogs that come right to the path and bark at us.

My partner had the camera and took some awesome shots!

We went through a gate and hey presto we were on the nearest bit of beach to our house. We like to bring our dogs here as often as possible, but it’s heavily used by other dog owners and every dog we’ve seen here has been totally out of control. There’s only one exit, so if you go on when it’s empty and then a few dogs appear, you’re stuck!

I carried Pixie most the way in her bag, then once there was definitely nobody about to appear she walked the last little bit.

Yet more photos by my partner!

We meandered along the road with Pixie on the ground, but she was getting tired so about 15 minutes from home we bagged her and completed the walk 🙂


And that was our adventure; it was awesome!

I’d like to leave you with this marvelous work of art created by my partner (!). He insisted on climbing on top of every bit of wood he saw, and pretending to surf. He insisted I take a photo each time. I love the result XD

(don’t watch all the slideshow, there’s like 12+ photos hahaha!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Even professional surf-boarders fall off the board sometimes XD



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